Nutrena Triumph Active 12 Pellet Horse Feed (50 lb size)

Nutrena Triumph Active 12 Pellet Horse Feed (50 lb size)

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Nutrena Triumph Active 12 Pellet Horse Feed is nutritionally balanced pelleted feed for mature horses of all activity levels. Triumph Horse Feeds are specially formulated to give your horse the nutrition it requires under a broad range of conditions. Triumph 12% Pelleted Horse Feed is regionally available, and is designed to be fed to mares, breeding, maintenance and performance horses.
Triumph horse feeds are available regionally. The below guaranteed analysis represents a typical product, however there may be regional variations. Please visit your local Nutrena retailer for product specifics in your area.
Crude Protein, minimum12.0%
Lysine, minimum0.60%
Methionine, minimum0.20%
Crude Fat, minimum8.0%
Crude Fiber, maximum12.0%
ADF, maximum15.0%
NDF, maximum35.0%
Dietary Starch*, maximum15.0%
Sugar*, maximum3.0%
Calcium, minimum0.70%
Calcium, maximum1.20%
Phosphorus, minimum0.50%
Copper, minimum40 ppm
Zinc, minimum160 ppm
Selenium, minimum0.60 ppm
Vitamin A, minimum3,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D, minimum300 IU/lb
Vitamin E, minimum50 IU/lb
Biotin, minimum0.30 mg/lb

*NSC (Non-structural Carbohydrates) = Dietary Starch + Sugar

Life StageActivity LevelLbs Feed per 100 lbs bodyweight
Maintenance HorsesMaintenance0.25 - 0.5
Performance HorsesLight exercise0.5 - 0.75
Performance HorsesModerate exercise0.75 - 1.0
Performance HorsesIntense exercise1.0 - 1.5
Broodmares & FoalsFirst two trimesters of gestation0.25 - 0.5
Broodmares & FoalsLast trimester of gestation0.5 - 0.75
Broodmares & FoalsEarly lactation (foaling to 3 months)1.0 - 1.5
Broodmares & FoalsLate lactation (3 months to weaning)0.75 - 1.0

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