Checklist: Grow Your Email List, Grow Your Business

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A person comes into your store and makes a purchase.

Great! A new customer.

But then what happens? They leave.

And what happens once they leave? You may never see them again.

That’s too bad because these customers are important. These are people who have already had a great experience with you and are likely to want to do business with you again.

In fact, it’s less costly to get your existing customers to buy more from you than it is to find new customers.

This scenario is also true if you have an online store. If someone visits your website, it’s unlikely they’re going to come back unless you have a way to encourage them to do so.

How can you encourage customers to come back to your store or website?

I’m sure you know the answer here; you need to get their email address.

Then you have a way to contact them to turn first-time shoppers into repeat buyers.

Don’t miss an opportunity to grow your email list.

When it comes to growing your list, your opportunities fall into three buckets:

  1. Face-to-Face Interactions
  2. Print
  3. Online

Your job is to make sure you’re taking advantage of each so you can grow your email list and do more business.

Use this email list growth checklist to help you.

Download your Email Marketing List Growth Checklist. 

Print out this checklist so you can make sure you’re doing all that you can to grow your list.

Join us for more tips on growing your email list.

Be sure to register for our free Virtual Workshop for Retailers, Grow Your Email List, Grow Your Retail Business on Thursday, May 26 at 2 pm ET. If you can’t attend live, register anyway. We’ll send you a recording.

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