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Increase Your Sales with Email Marketing: Grow Your Email List, Grow Your Retail Business

Are you confident that you’re doing everything you can to grow your email list? In the final part of ...

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How to Ask for Email Addresses (A Simple Script that Works Anywhere!)

I can’t wait to get more email today!” Said no one ever. So why would you ask, “Would you lik ...

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Checklist: Grow Your Email List, Grow Your Business

A person comes into your store and makes a purchase. Great! A new customer. But then what happens? They leave. ...

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How to Never Miss an Email Subscriber Again

I have a confession to make. I have really bad handwriting. There. I said it! So why’d I spill ...

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Increase Your Sales with Email Marketing: Measuring the Impact of Your Email Marketing

You’re using email marketing to grow your small retail business. You’ve put in the time planning your email ...

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