Why Every Retail Store Needs YouTube in 2021

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is a YouTube video promoting your retail business worth?

The answer comes in many forms, all backed up by statistics.

Google bought YouTube back in 2006, and since then, the search engine giant has made it a priority, giving quality videos higher search engine rankings. Uploading videos on YouTube is not just an option; it should be a standard element of your digital marketing campaigns in 2021.

Let’s look at some YouTube Statistics:

  • Three in four adults report watching YouTube in their home on their phone. 
  • YouTube has more than two billion monthly users with one billion hours being consumed every day
  • Only nine percent of small businesses are on YouTube
  • 51% of YouTube users visit the site every day
  • A mobile YouTube ad is 84% more likely to engage a user than a regular television ad.

With stats like that, retail stores have a great opportunity to attract more customers by making YouTube an integral part of their digital marketing programs.

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YouTube video ideas for your retail store

Retailing is about building a brand image that immediately resonates with consumers. Think Walmart, Neiman Marcus, and The Home Depot. Your goal is to create a similar brand experience, and video is an effective way to make that impact. 

Here are a few video ideas to boost your brand’s image:

How-to videos

Customers want to know how to use a product at several stages in the buying process. In fact, “how-to” videos are some of the most popular on YouTube, growing 70 percent year over year.

Recording these videos will enable you to show consumers how to use the products you sell, which goes a long way towards building credibility as a product expert and a following for your brand. 

Since you sell it, you’re supposed to know all about the product. In these videos, you can demonstrate how to get the most out of a product or how to maintain it and keep it clean. Some examples for you:

  • Auto Parts Store: How to replace an air filter
  • Barber Shop: How to prevent razor burn with a certain aftershave product
  • Candy Store: How to mix candy for amazing flavor sensations
  • Coffee Store: How to descale your brewer for fresher-tasting coffee

The key to “how-to” videos is not to give away all your product secrets but give your audience “something of value.” Consider creating a series of “how-to” videos and sharing with your Constant Contact email list to keep your retail store top of mind with your customers. 

Showcase your loyal customers

We have all read customer testimonials that are posted on business websites like Google My Business. Creating a video that includes customers singing your retail store’s praises is an even more effective way to build trust. To have an actual person sit in front of the camera and describe their experience with your retail store speaks volumes over a simple one to five-star review. 

You’ll want to identify three to five of your most loyal customers and ask them if they’ll record and send you a video review via text or email. You can even provide them with some talking points:

  • Why did you choose our store?
  • What do you like about our store?
  • Would you recommend others shop with us? 

Announce new products

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for getting the word out about new products. However, with YouTube exploding in popularity, retail stores should pivot a bit by uploading product announcement videos. You can create your videos or opt to go with the videos produced by the manufacturers of the products. 

If you decide to produce your videos, ask a few of your not-camera-shy team members to deliver the presentations alongside you. Speak clearly, confidently, and smile to convey your excitement for these “brand new, can’t miss products!” 

How to get views of your YouTube videos

With the pandemic making it more difficult than ever to promote products in person, YouTube has emerged as an even more important platform highlighting your retail store’s products and services. The key is to know how to get views of your YouTube videos.

Content is king

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying, “Content is King.” Well, video is the Emperor!  

Video is considered content by Google’s powerful search engine, and Google rewards you heavily for creating and uploading new videos to YouTube. 

Let’s go back to our how-to video idea. You can pack an incredible amount of helpful content in a five-minute explainer video about one of your products. In turn, Google’s algorithm gives your video a huge thumbs up by ranking it high in the search engine results when someone is looking for that specific product. 

Video marketing on YouTube is not about being flashy; it’s about developing trust with the potential customers of your business and being relevant in their search for product knowledge.

Speaking of content…

Assuming that blogging is a vital part of your content marketing strategy, you should consider writing a blog post for every video uploaded to YouTube. 

Writing a blog post is a quick way to introduce YouTube users to your channel. For every prospective customer that enjoys watching a video to learn more about your business, there is another customer that prefers to read about your business. There are ways to transcribe your video into a written script to give you a head start on writing your blog. I share these tips and more in the Bigger Better Biz Marketing Community

The power of a playlist

After watching a video on a high-traffic YouTube channel, the next video starts playing. The best YouTube channels organize videos into a sequential playlist that keeps visitors engaged for longer periods. 

If you run a hardware store, you can produce a series of videos that demonstrate how to use different power tools. After a video showing how to handle a power sander finishes, the next video about how to use a power drill immediately starts. It’s a great way to keep your audience on your channel! 

Partner with other channels

You don’t have to enter the world of video marketing all on your own. Collaborating with other channels in the form of cross-promotions is an effective way to attract interest in your retail store’s channel. 

If you partner with a YouTube channel that wants to capture the same target audience, it makes sense to create one or more videos together to save on production costs, as well as gain more awareness for your brand.

Promote your videos on social media

Your retail store’s social media marketing strategy should serve to optimize the power of each platform. You accomplish this by promoting your YouTube videos on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Promoting your YouTube videos via social media platforms means sharing links to the videos, as well as short, informative descriptions that motivate visitors to click the video links.

The bottom line

Bringing your digital marketing program to YouTube makes sense for your retail business. Before you press record, you need to understand what you want to convey and have a punchline or call-to-action for your video. 

Post it on your channel, share it in your email campaigns, and publish it in your blog and social media posts. You can get great mileage out of just one video if you plan it right. But, of course, you need to get started first. Lights. Camera. Action! 

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