What’s New with Constant Contact? (October 2020)

Fall is here and leaf peepers are getting ready early this year. Yes, that’s a thing here in New England, and there is a whole website dedicated to letting you know where to go. Really cool if you’re into that kind of thing.

And speaking of cool, we have some fantastic product features and integrations to share and help you to power on this holiday season! Check out our video below to see how we’ve improved our tools to help you market your business, in a smarter and more efficient way. 

Watch: What’s New with Constant Contact for October 2020 (5 minutes)

Custom Landing Pages 

We’re excited to bring to you custom landing pages. Landing pages are an easy, effective way to convert leads into customers and generate sales in one place. 

And now you have the ability to create the landing page that suits your specific needs with new template options for a portfolio, events, or start with a blank canvas. With our flexible drag & drop editor, the possibilities are practically endless. Just create, share, and promote your page via email, on your website, and social channels to start generating new leads and sales for your business. 

Google My Business

Showing up on page one of the search results page when someone goes looking for products and services you offer is a great way to get your business exposure to potential customers and visitors. And claiming your profile on Google My Business is an essential part of getting that exposure you want for your business or organization. 

That’s why we’re making it easy for you to create and manage your Google my Business listing right within your Constant Contact account. Edit your profile, post announcements, monitor engagement and reply to reviews. Claim your Google My Business listing today.

Shopify Automation

Do you use Shopify to sell your products? Now you can automatically send specific emails to customers who are first-time purchasers or set up a series of emails to say thank you, recommend a product, or ask for a review to keep your business top of mind. All done easily through your Constant Contact account. Connect your Shopify account and get started today!

Esty Integration

Introducing our new Etsy integration! A perfect way to get your customer’s contact information on Etsy over to your Constant Contact account. This integration syncs your contacts daily, and even segments into multiple lists, so you can communicate more effectively with targeted messages to say: one-time purchase customers, or repeat purchase customers. If you’re already using Etsy, check it out today.

SurveyMonkey Integration

With our SurveyMonkey integration, it’s easy to connect and sync your contacts. Need to promote a survey? No problem, include your survey in your email, on a landing page, or within your social posts to broaden your reach and get as many responses as possible, All done within your Constant Contact account.

Constant Contact Mobile App

Our Constant Contact mobile app just got cooler. Promote your email or provide other updates to your friends and followers on Facebook and Instagram right within the mobile app. No need to switch between apps to see how you’re doing – see impressions, reach and engagement all within the dashboard and all on the Constant Contact Mobile app. Download the newest version today!

Website Builder

We’ve updated our Website Builder to support up to three separate websites. So you can manage your business website as well as your side hustle all within one account. 

We heard you when you needed more flexibility for your website, so we added even more functionality for you to include on your website, like a fundraising section, a section for podcasting, and even one for musicians looking to get their music out to the world.

Log in and add it to your website today.

Marketplace Integrations

Wise Agent

One integration we want to feature this month is our Wise Agent integration, a powerful all-in-one real estate CRM platform combining contact management, lead tracking automation, transaction management, and real estate marketing software. WiseAgent helps realtors become more efficient, giving them the opportunity to save time and make more money with less stress. 

With the integration, once you have added all of your Wise Agent contacts to a list within Constant Contact, you can use Constant Contact within your Wise Agent account to send out automated email campaigns.


integrations on our Marketplace that we want to highlight this month, is RepeatRewards. Given that 82% of small businesses say customer loyalty is the top way to grow a business,  RepeatRewards offers a loyalty platform designed specifically for small businesses. with an affordable loyalty program. /They allow you to connect with your most loyal customers through an affordable, customized and automated loyalty program. 

Here’s how it works…When a customer visits your business, you mention your RepeatRewards program and then track their transaction. You can then offer them e-Gift cards, utilize refer-a-friend templates, leverage push notifications, geo-fencing alerts, and of course send them seasonal rewards emails, via an integration with Constant Contact, to keep these key contacts coming back and helping you grow!. 

To learn more about these integrations, head over to Marketplace.constantcontact.com where you can find those and many more useful integrations, or just click the “integrations” tab in-product and click the “Visit Marketplace” button!

Want to give these new tools a try?

Log in to your Constant Contact account. 

Stay updated on new product and feature improvements any time by visiting the Help Center in your Constant Contact account!

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