What’s New With Constant Contact (February 2021)

February is a very cold time of year here in New England, filled with snow days and cozying up by the fire while your kids make forts in the snow outside.

This is a great time to hunker down and see what our team at Constant Contact has been doing to improve our online marketing platform to help you see more results for your business.

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Vimeo Video Block

Give your customers what they want more of… video! And with our new Vimeo integration, it’s easier than ever. Access your Vimeo library right within your Constant Contact account and start getting more engagement from your customers.

eBay Integration

Sync your customer information from eBay with your Constant Contact account. With our new integration, you can set up an “opt-in” email to get permission from past and future eBay customers. These contacts will automatically import to your Constant Contact account on a daily basis, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date list. Get started today by logging in!

Landing Pages

Encourage your customers to take action and increase engagement by adding video to your Landing Pages and survey pages. And if you’re using our Vimeo integration, you can embed your videos directly on the page so your customers don’t have to leave the page to watch.

Pick Up In-Store

Giving your customers options when buying your products will give your business an advantage over the competition. That’s why we’ve added pick up in-store as an option when using a Shoppable Landing Page or during the checkout process through your online store. Add it to your store today!


Segmentation helps you get the right message to the right people at the right time. Now you can create segments based on your customers’ purchase history from Shopify, Etsy, and eBay. All to help you generate more revenue and keep those customers coming back for more.

Social on Mobile

Constant Contact’s all-in-one social marketing solution gives you the confidence needed to find new potential customers for your business.

And with our updated mobile app, you can now publish engaging social campaigns to Facebook, Instagram, and now Twitter and LinkedIn. Stay engaged with your customers, through social posts.

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