What You Need to Know About SEO for Administrative Services

Wondering how you can SEO for administrative services to attract more clients to your business? 

The first five organic results on a search engine results page receive more than 65% of all clicks from potential consumers. This is why your website must use effective SEO for administrative services in its online content. Search engine optimization (SEO) makes it easier for people looking for your services to find you online.

Many businesses turn to Google to find the administrative services that make their businesses run smoothly. Whether you specialize in offering human resource management or payroll support, if your website is designed to be attractive to search engines, your website will be displayed more prominently in search engine result pages (SERPs). In essence, SEO gives you more website traffic, greater brand awareness, and more clients that want to use your services.  

Read on to learn how you can design an effective SEO for administrative services marketing plan to create a successful administrative services website that connects with clients.

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How to use SEO in an effective marketing strategy

Making your administrative services business website attractive to search engines involves coming up with an effective SEO strategy. You’ll need to know what search engines like Google are looking for when they rank websites and incorporate these traits into your business website.

SEO for administrative services
This Oberlo infographic shows that SEO uses online content, inbound links, and keywords to improve your online search ranking and make your website easier to find.

When building your website, keep the following tips in mind for effective SEO.

Use high-resolution photos and graphics that load quickly

Images are excellent for promoting your business — but slow loading images hurt your search ranking in Google and other search engines. Make sure your homepage loads efficiently to get a better ranking.

Place potentially bandwidth-hogging features on internal pages 

If you use automatic video players or detailed infographics to market your services, put them on your internal pages — not your homepage. These elements can slow down your page load speed and hurt your search ranking.

Use a top menu layout.

More web users are accustomed to using a top menu and not a side menu to navigate a website. Google also prioritizes potential search results that feature top menus.

Include a secure socket layer (SSL) on your website

Businesses should invest in excellent web security to assure potential clients their website is safe. Make sure your hosting plan includes SSL to make your website more attractive to search engines and visitors.

Create backlinks

This is a long-term strategy that involves getting trusted websites to link back to your website. By having well-regarded websites link to your content, your business website receives more respect by association. Offering to write guest articles for websites offering services related to yours is a good way to create backlinks. 

How to implement SEO for administrative services on a website

Using keywords and key phrases properly is a vital part of implementing effective SEO on a website. 

Keywords and key phrases are the search terms people type into search engines when looking for websites. By making sure your website content includes the keywords your clients use, you’re enabling search engines to review and index your website. Ideally, this practice helps give your website a high rank for such online searches.

Find your relevant keywords

Finding ideal keywords and key phrases for your website content involves doing some keyword research. You can begin by simply brainstorming a list of keywords that relate to your business. 

For instance, if the administrative services you provide include human resource management help that can be offered virtually, you might consider using the following search terms:

  • “Virtual human resource management”
  • “Benefits of virtual human resource management”
  • “Virtual HR”
  • “How virtual human resource management increases productivity”

Look at keyword search volume and competition level

Once you come up with a list of potential keywords, you need to further research them for search volume and competition level. 

Search volume

This refers to how many searches a keyword receives every month. Short keyphrases — also called short-tail keywords — like “Virtual HR” or “human resource management” receive a lot of searches every month since they offer broad search terms. 

Because so many people use these keywords in their website content, however, it’s unlikely that your website will rank very high if you only use these keywords.

Competition level

This refers to how difficult it is for your keywords to rank in search engine results against more established websites. Using longer keyphrases — also called long-tail keywords — can help. 

Because long-tail keywords like “benefits of virtual human resource management” are very specific, they have less competition and are easier to rank for. However, they also tend to have lower search volumes.

Include your keywords in your website content 

Once you come up with several short-tail and long-tail keywords with the potential to promote your business, you’ll want to incorporate them into your website content. 

Use your keywords on your webpages to advertise the benefits of your company’s services. Write blog articles that provide relevant information that answers the search queries of potential clients. Doing this will not only help you rank higher in search engine results but also help promote your brand as a provider of valuable information.

When using keywords in website content, keep the following guidelines in mind: 

  • Place your main keyword or key phrase in the title and the first paragraph. Continue using those keywords in the main body of your article as long as it sounds natural to use those words.
  • Blog articles should be at least 500 words long. Content that contains more than 1000 words is even better and will get you better notice from search engines.
  • Repeating keywords constantly can get distracting. To prevent this, use synonyms or abbreviations. For example, you can use both “HR” and “Human resources.” 

How content marketing can boost SEO for your business

Content marketing is a form of online marketing where you offer information about your brand, expertise, and services. 

Your website should offer specific information about your business, but other content — such as blog posts — create more interest in your services. For administrative services, this might mean writing articles that list the benefits of outsourcing administrative services to an outside organization. You might also find it useful to discuss how adopting new human resource management practices can improve productivity.

SEO for administrative services
In Constant Contact’s The Download, we learn that regular publishing of keyword-rich blog content increases brand awareness and makes your website more popular with search engines.

By constantly offering keyword-rich content that’s relevant to your clients’ interests, you can make your administrative services business website a very powerful marketing tool. Search engines like Google regularly review all the websites that appear on their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). By publishing new content on a consistent schedule, the SEO ranking for your administrative services business will rise as Google notices you producing the content users are looking for.

To boost the effectiveness of your content marketing, use the following guidelines:

  • Write blog articles on topics relevant to the administrative services industry.
  • Focus on specific problems your potential clients face and show how the type of services you provide can solve them.
  • Regularly update your blog. If you find it difficult to write original content regularly, you can outsource this job to professional writers.

How to get started on building your SEO-friendly website 

Creating an effective marketing plan for improving SEO for administrative services may require plenty of planning while building your business website. However, your search engine ranking will depend ultimately on how well your online content meets your clients’ needs.

Fortunately, there are many online resources to help you build a successful website. Constant Contact’s smart Website Builder offers effective and built-in SEO tools that can help you connect with the clients who most need your services. 

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