What is SEO?

In addition to working with our clients each month and updating content on your websites, did you know that we continually optimize your new and existing content for Search Engines?  SEO is a vital part of your website, it goes hand in hand with adding new content each week/month.  Without new content and optimizing that content for the search engines that crawl your website, your content would not show up in internet searches, and folks would not find you as easily.  Your website traffic would go down. Each time we add new content our team optimizes it – we use key words and phrases, descriptions, meta tags, and alt tags – even in the photos we add to the website.  Does it work?  YES! The goal is to grow the organic (non paid) visits to your website year over year.  Did you know that ALL our clients show increased website traffic year over year?
The next time our team reaches out to you asking for content, new items to feature, photos of customers in the store, seasonal items, new events – know that it’s much more than just adding that content onto the website.

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