Watch: Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas to Drive More Business

The holidays are right around the corner. If you still don’t have a holiday marketing plan, don’t worry! We have some last-minute holiday marketing ideas to help you drive more business to capture those crucial end-of-year sales.

Watch our last-minute holiday marketing webinar

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll share quick and easy ideas to help you:

  • Reach new customers with social and Google Search Ads
  • Engage social media followers
  • Use email to communicate your offer and stay top-of-mind

Live survey results

Curious about how your online marketing experience stacks up against other small businesses and nonprofits? We surveyed the attendees of our webinar and asked the question, “Have you ever run paid ads before?

Here’s how they responded:

Survey: Have you ever run paid ads before?

31.5% had not used paid online advertising
20.6% had used Facebook Lead Ads
15.7% had used Google Search Ads
32.2% had used regular Facebook/Instagram ads

Watch us answer more questions in our Webinar After-Hours:

Additional Resources: 

“Great information and discussion–I am inspired and have a lot of ideas to write down. Also, I appreciate the links that were talked about and will be provided in the recorded webinar email. Thank you!”

Webinar attendee

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