Watch: Customer Panel: Adapting Your Business During COVID-19

Small business owners are some of the most resilient people we know, however, the pandemic has left many wondering what’s next and what’s the best course of action for their own business.

In this recorded panel discussion, you’ll hear how fitness, real estate, and consulting businesses are adapting during the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll hear from three Constant Contact customers as they share:

“I really enjoyed business advice portions and it was interesting/comforting to hear other business owners sharing their experiences both professional and personal. I do believe that everyone needs to network more than ever in these crazy times, we all need the support and encouragement! Thank you for a wonderful webinar. I ran across it by chance and I’m glad I did.

Webinar Attendee

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Meet our panelists

Sydni Craig-Hart

CEO and Co-Founder of Smart Simple Marketing, a multi-award winning content marketing consultancy located in Emeryville, California.

“One of the first ways we pivoted was with our messaging. If you’ve been seeing my [Facebook] Lives, you know I’m talking really frankly and very specifically both to small business owners and to the enterprise folks that we work with about what we’re seeing, what we’re hearing, what’s working now, things to think about, pitfalls to avoid, mistakes not to make, etc. So we really have adjusted our marketing tone and the messaging to the current needs, so we’re not talking necessarily about what we want to talk about, we’re talking about what our audience needs and what they want to hear.”

Julianna Curtis

Founder of The Energy Barre a movement studio with four locations north of Boston, Massachusetts.

“We have seen new clients and what maybe is even more exciting is we’ve seen return clients from people who have moved out of our area, loved coming to the studio and no longer could. Everything went online and they came back to us.”

Anthony George

A Re/Max realtor known as The HomeGuy Waco in Waco, Texas.

“I was hosting a lot of open houses, trying to meet people on the weekends, and I thought to myself, ‘ok, we’re shut down now what are we going to do?’ My son does a lot of video work and he had a GoPro laying around and I said ‘hey, how can we do this?’ Always go younger if you need to learn technology! I went out and bought a strap so that I could put the GoPro on my head and I started doing what I called virtual tours, walking around the home just talking about different features and just walking. Whatever my eyes were pointed at, [the camera] was pointed at and I would just walk you through a house.”


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