Using Google Posts

Google posts are a great way to enhance your GMB listing and allow you to share content straight onto your page, which also shows on the knowledge panel, therefore giving you a great opportunity to stand out.

From your GMB dashboard, you will be able to select ‘posts’ from the left-hand menu and jump straight into creating content.

The question that is most commonly asked is, what type of content should you publish as a Google Post?

Quite simply, your opportunities are endless; just be sure to showcase content that makes sense and helps your audience. Some great ideas include:

  • Event posts around an upcoming event you are hosting.
  • Sales posts to announce a sale that you are currently running.
  • Share a snippet from your latest blog post and link it through the main content from the Google Post.
  • Share a seasonal message to your customers.

Here is an example of utilizing Google Posts for upcoming events at your store.Google Post Example: Events











Here is an example of using a Google Post to promote a store product. It was viewed on Google more than 4,000 times from organic search and the link embedded back to the website was clicked on 38 times.

Google Post: Store Product












Using Google posts gives you a better chance of having your content, products, and events seen than traditional social media platforms that limit your organic reach to 1-2% of your followers.

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