The Email Obstacle Course: What Happens Between Send and Receive

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Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to enhance small business and nonprofit marketing efforts. But even the most experienced marketers face challenges along the way.

With more than 205 billion emails sent and received each day, making sure that an email stands out amongst the competition is a big one. But there is another challenge that email marketers face, even before arriving to the inbox — actually getting there.

While it may seem like delivery should be a “given” that’s not always the case, especially if the sender is using a personal email account, instead of using a professional email service provider (ESP), like Constant Contact.

23 percent of regular emails never make it to customer inboxes, getting flagged or bounced back.

On the flipside, ESPs have built-in tools designed to ensure your message makes it safely to the inbox, and looks professional when it gets there.

98 percent of emails sent through Constant Contact make it to the inbox.

In the infographic below, we take a look at the many obstacles facing an email as it makes its way to the recipient inbox and the ways in which working with ESPs can help marketers overcome those obstacles.

Find out how you can start taking advantage of the tools and resources offered by ESPs today!


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