Stage an Epic Battle with A/B Testing – May the Best Subject Line Win

Like warriors in the Greek Colosseum, you can pit two subject lines against each other to win the war for the inbox.

The battle-tested and most powerful subject line lives on to get you better open rates.

Let’s look at how you can unleash the glory of Subject Line A/B Testing on your email marketing efforts.

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Subject lines with no weaknesses

With Subject Line A/B Testing you can feel confident that you’ll maximize your open rates by sending the best subject line, every time. Just choose two subject line combatants, and Constant Contact does the rest.

No need to guess what will work best. A shorter or longer subject line? Should it be funny or to the point? The only way to know is to test the subject lines on your audience.

Assemble your subject line warriors

Think about the purpose of the email and write down a handful of subject lines. Don’t just stop at two though; it helps to start with more and then choose the best contestants to go head to head and crown a victor. For example, one subject line could be straightforward, telling customers what’s inside the email, and another might only tease the contents of the email.

Not sure what to write? Check out these ideas for subject lines.

Trust only the battle-tested in the inbox

Send out two subject lines to compete to a portion of your audience. You decide the test audience that works best for you. The larger your test audience, the more confident you can be in your test results. We recommend sending each subject line to at least 1000 contacts to achieve statistical significance for your test.

You can then watch the results of your subject line battle in real time while the test is active. After a preset amount of time, Constant Contact automatically sends your winning subject line to the remainder of your audience. Your battle-tested warrior goes to war for you.

Let your victors plan your future battles

After careful and repeat experiments, over time you’ll start to see patterns emerge on which subject lines work best for your particular audience.

If your subject lines all follow a specific marketing technique or messaging, you could start building other marketing campaigns with the same technique or messaging to see greater success all around.

Start your epic battles

You don’t have to be an expert marketer or talented writer to start creating subject lines that get your customers to open more emails than ever. Start staging your epic battles with Subject Line A/B Testing today.

Check out Subject Line A/B Testing in our Email Plus Package.

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