Six 2021 Digital Marketing Trends Your Brand Should Know About

The effects of the pandemic spread far and wide, into every industry including marketing. The shift in digital marketing practices over the course of 2020 is unprecedented, much like these times we are living in. While social media best practices are continually evolving, 2020 saw an extreme shift in the way people connect and interact with one another, and with brands, in the online space.

Here are six 2021 digital marketing trends you should know about:

  1. Baby Boomers have entered the chat. While everyone has been affected by the pandemic one way or another, it has pushed a demographic that had long since only been a small fraction of social media, online. They’re socializing more and shopping online more out of necessity, and they are a worthwhile audience to capture depending on your brand.
  2. TikTok’s upward trend will continue. Thanks in large part to GenZ, TikTok has exploded. Will its quick rise mean the same kind of fall? That’s still to be determined but our magic 8 ball says very doubtful.
  3. Ecommerce is finding its way onto social platforms with Instagram and Facebook already integrating the two. Live shopping, anyone? If you sell goods, now is the time to add or update your online store. We make it easy for our clients by working with them to create a personalized online store for their website.
  4. Video is king (so be good at it); the best tips are to have decent equipment: cameral, lighting and sound, and to keep your videos short, to help keep up with our ever-shortening attention spans.
  5. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are changing how people interact with content, and their presence, along with their risks, are expected to continue to increase.
  6. We’re also seeing the rise in the brand personality. Sure, brands have had a persona, but forward-thinking brands are showcasing their human side more than ever. Talking at customers is out, talking, and listening to customers is in, but it’s a delicate balance as pushing too far could harm your brand.

The people at dug up all the important research on this subject, and they created helpful illustrations on these 2021 digital marketing trends:

2021 digital marketing trends 2021 digital marketing trends 2021 digital marketing trends

Here at Red Mango, we strive to not only stay on target with latest trends, but to be trendsetters ourselves. Learn more about how we can help you get in front of, and connect with, your target audience.

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