Red Mango Marketing Heads South

Ashton Gerrish & Chris Wucher at the San Antonio River Walk

Red Mango Marketing had the pleasure of traveling to San Antonio last week to visit with three clients and one potential client! It was great to meet our clients in person and finally put a face with the voice. I enjoyed getting a feel for each store’s uniqueness and character! Every store is similar yet, so different. All of the stores have a sense of warmth that is very welcoming. Cute bunny rabbits also do the trick, I’m a sucker for animals, especially if they are at the front of the store.

After we left San Antonio, I traveled to Mansfield, Texas the following day. I  thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with the store manager and discussing new ways to help people with their animals.

All of the Red Mango meetings were full of monthly recapping and brainstorming for the upcoming year. It’s exciting to work with passionate managers and store owners, who love serving and desiring only the best for their customers.

Red Mango’s face-to-face meetings are essential, it allows us to implement the store owner and manager’s vision for the business and customers. After 3 days of traveling and visiting with everyone, we were excited to get busy and keep the stores focused and growing for the next quarter.

Ashton Gerrish
Red Mango Marketing Account Manager 



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