Tips to consider when creating a social media campaign

Facebook marketing continues to rise among small businesses, still, many small businesses struggle with this concept. Here are a few key points to remember:

• The focus of your Facebook business page is NOT how to make money, rather it is about trying to engage customers and provide a meaningful online experience.
• Remember, people go to Facebook to make a connection or feel like part of a community.
• A successful Facebook Business strategy is not just creating a Business page! It takes time and a commitment to build your fan base.
• Think about what kind of content your fans would actually want to share when planning your posts. Mix it up with videos, pictures, educational content, specials and more. Think about what your customers would like to hear when planning your posts.
• Customers expect timely responses to their posts and queries. Your Facebook Business page should be updated and monitored constantly.

The team at Red Mango Marketing keeps your Facebook Business page updated with new content, and answers questions promptly!

• Did you know that you have a customized landing page?
• Did you know that your Facebook Business page is named (if you have more than 45 likes)? Check out your page today!
• Have you “liked” your own Facebook business page? Make sure you “like” it, and ask the employees in your store to “like” it.
• Add your named Facebook page to your business cards! This way folks can see that you have a business page and join it for timely updates and information.

Check back for more tips on how to improve your social media profile!

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