Pinterest Rolls Out New Messaging Feature

Pinterest added a new messaging feature this week, which will allow users to send pins to other users and start a private conversation.

The ability to send pins is not entirely new, as Pinterest has offered this capability for quite some time, but with this latest update, users can continue the conversation and collaborate in a whole new way.

To initiate a conversation, users can select a pin they want to share and click the send icon (the paper airplane), or on desktop, click to start a conversation under the notification icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Bottom Line: While Pinterest’s messaging feature will function similarly to messaging services on other social networks, Pinterest explains that there are distinct differences users should be aware of. For Pinterest, messaging is about offering a convenient way for users to share and collaborate online.

Messaging also provides another example of the value of Pinterest as a discoveryplatform, where users can find content that’s interesting and relevant to them, and easily share it with others.

For small businesses on Pinterest, messaging could present a valuable new way for people to find and share your content. It could also add a whole new way for you to collaborate on Pinterest, and communicate with your most active followers.

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