Increase Your Sales with Email Marketing: Write Your Marketing Email in 15 Minutes or Less

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About this workshop:

When you’re writing a marketing email for your small retail business, the most important thing to do is stay focused on the outcome you want the email to achieve. But how do you regularly find the words, images, and calls to action that make the biggest impact in your readers’ inboxes?

With just about 15 minutes and an easy-to-follow formula, you can kick writer’s block to the curb and be confident that your emails have consistently focused, clear, and attractive calls to action every time you hit send.

Join us for a free workshop, where you will receive:

  • A worksheet to help you write your marketing email in 15 minutes or less, and advice on how to use it
  • Guidance on keeping your email marketing focused on your business goals
  • A simple checklist to reference before you hit send
  • An opportunity to ask questions and interact with our workshop presenters
  • At the end of the session, you’ll have the tools to create an email around any marketing goal for your business, and resources that tell you everything an email needs — and doesn’t need — to be successful.

Increase Your Sales with Email Marketing is a series of virtual workshops designed to simplify email marketing for small business retailers. Look for future sessions on designing your email, growing your list, and measuring your results.

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