Does Facebook Video Advertising Work?

Have you tried a custom video with Facebook Advertising? What kind of results did you see? What do you measure for results; engagement, views, foot traffic in the store, sales of that item? How much money did you spend to promote it?

We promoted a video for a client on deer corn. Yes, you heard that correctly, deer corn. Two 28-second videos were created on a smartphone. They were rough, no doubt. One consisted of loading pallets of deer corn onto a flatbed truck. No sound other than the bags of seed hitting the flatbed of the truck. The second video was corn going into a hopper. Equally exciting, right?

The goal: to start selling deer corn in August, before Dove season opening. The message: Clean corn at a low price. The audience: deer hunters. This is key folks. We defined a goal, created a message and a video to drive home the message. Most importantly we defined and selected an audience that would ENGAGE with the ad. 

Here are the results of one of the Video Ads.

Facebook ad spend $90.
30 day results: Reached 50,900 people in our TARGETED group.
Video views more than 34,000 – a cost of fewer than 3 cents per view. Engagement: 200 likes & 26 comments including bulk pricing questions.
More than 70 new page likes
56 people shared the content on their Facebook pages.

And sales? Yes, they started early. The store asks folks how they heard about them or how they heard about the pricing. Answer – your Facebook video.

You can check out the videos here.

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