Facebook Promotions

We’ve talked about Faceboook Advertising, Deals and Offers.  Are there other are ways to run promotions on Facebook for free or minimal cost?  You bet!   Here are some ideas:

Generate more Fans Promotion

Want to increase your fan base?  Get your current fans involved.  Tell them you want to reach a certain number, 200, 400, 800,  or 1,000 fans.  Let them know that you need their help to grow your fan base, and encourage them to share your Facebook page with other friends. Set a goal number, and when you hit that number  let them know that you will create an offer (doesn’t have to be a paid one) or coupon for everyone on Facebook to use.  Example:  We know New Braunfels Feed Facbook fans rock!  Help us reach our goal of 400 Facebook fans and we’ll roll out an offer for everyone on Facebook. Thanks!

Does it work?  In less than 48 hours New Braunfels Feed hit and exceeded their goal.  The offer ran a few days later, “Save 10% off Your Purchase at New Braunfels Feed, good on purchased up to $300, excludes deer corn.” 66 folks claimed the offer and have until the end of October to use it in the store.  Numerous positive recommendations were posted by clients about the store and their service.  New customers found the store on Facebook and have the option to use the coupon when they visit the store.

Staff Pick Giveway 

Here is an example of a Staff Pick Giveway promotion. We’re using boots, but you can replace it with other products.

Pick 5 pairs of boots, group them together and take a picture.  Next take an individual photo of each pair of boots you’ve selected.  Save them to your dropbox and let us know they are there.  We’ll create marketing images of the pictures with your branding on it.

Example:  We’re giving away the most liked of these five Old Gringo boots on Monday! Like & share then visit → store website to win!  You can Like your favorite boot(s) after you enter!

Run the contest for as many days as you like, asking fans to vote on which pair of boots is their favorite.  Cull it down after a week to the top 3, the next week to the top 2.  From the entrants randomly select a winner.  Advertise the winner in Facebook, along with the boots.  Next, consider offering all the entrants a $10 off coupon on their next $75 purchase.  This encourages folks to use the $10 towards a purchase at your store.  Put a time limit on the coupon.

In order for folks to enter contest they’ll have to like your Facebook page, share it on their Facebook page and then they’ll receive the coupon.  Your fan base will grow, new customers will find you and sales will increase!

Note – there is a fee to run a promotion like this, typically  less than $40 – $50.

You can literally do this with any major brand of product you carry in the store.   Check with the brand and see if they are willing to donate the product in return for the free advertising.  They may agree.

And remember, the majority of Facebook fans on your pages are WOMEN.  They share, shop and spend money in your store.  Pick items that appeal to them!

Enter to win (Insert Product Name)

This is one we’ve done successfully several times already.  We reach out to the contacts of different brands in your store to create an offer where folks can enter for a chance to win.  A recent example is  UltraShield Fly Control Contest.  We created the marketing materials, and encouraged folks to enter for a chance to win free product.  We picked a winner at the end of the contest, notified the manufacturer who sent the product out to the customer.  Additionally, the manufacturer offered all entrants a coupon for $1 off any Absorbine product!

The store had nothing to lose!

Any of these sound interesting?  Let us know!  Email your RMM Account Manager to discuss!

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