Facebook Offers…What are they?

Another way to increase the number of “likes” to your Facebook Business page, traffic in your store and best of all, the sound of the cash register ringing up sales is through Facebook Offers.

Business’s with more than 400 Facebook Fans can create “Offers” for their customers.  “Offers” bring people to your business with an offer they can claim and share with their friends.  Customers claim your offer on Facebook, which sends them an email coupon.  They can print out the coupon or share it with the store via their smartphone.

The number of customers who claim the coupon is shown on the Facebook Offer.  You may have hundreds or  thousands claim the coupon, but a much smaller percentage of customers will actually bring the coupon offer into your store and use it. Many more folks claim the coupon than use it, resulting in EXPOSURE for YOUR business on Facebook and new customers.

Here are 3 kinds of offers you can create:

  • In Store Only: People can show to the staff at your business by printing the offer email or showing the cashier the coupon on their smartphones.
  • In Store & Online: People can redeem at your business’s physical location or on your website (if you are set up for e-commerce transactions)
  • Online only: Please can redeem your offer by visiting your website (e-commerce transactions)

With Offers you can create a custom redemption code, and/or use a barcode that allows you to track how many people used it (if you have bar codes set up for your store).

You define the timeframe, the number of claims ( a set number to unlimited), and the terms and conditions that you may have.

Offers require a budget to run.  The amount you pay is based on how many people you want to reach.   Define your budget.  To reach a broader audience than what you already have, you must pay for the advertising of your offer.   These fee’s are based on the number of “likes” you currently have, and typically cost between $5 to $20 per offer.

Do offers work?  Absolutely!  We’ve had terrific success in garnering new customers visiting our clients stores and growing their Facebook fan page.  Clothing and jewelry items work best, as do 10-15% off coupons.  Offers for feed and seed don’t generate as much excitement.  Know your audience!  More than 70-80% of your Facebook fans are women!  Create an offer that appeals to them.  They shop and spend money, give them a reason to visit your store.

Interested in trying an offer?  Give your account manager a call to discuss!


To set up an offer just let us know what you want to do.  We’ll set it up for you.  We’ll need a company credit card to set up the account in Facebook.

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