6 Ways to Promote Your New Facebook Page

You’ve set up a Facebook Page for your business.

Now what? 

How can you start to promote your new Facebook Page and get your fans to start engaging with you?

To start connecting with current and potential customers on your Facebook Page, there are a few things you need to do first to get the word out.

Here are six ways to promote your new page:

1. Use the network you already have

If someone has already joined your email list, they most likely would love to connect with you on Facebook too.

Send out an email to your contact list, announcing your new page and inviting people to Like your business on Facebook.

You should also add social media buttons to your email footer, so your email subscribers are continually reminded of your active social channels.

2. Add a Follow Button on your website

Make it easy for your website visitors to Like your page by adding a Follow Button to your website or blog. A Facebook Follow Button is a widget you can add to your website that links people from your website to your Facebook Page.

For an official Facebook Follow Button, go to Facebook’s Social Plugins resource page.

3. Create a Facebook Ad

Running a Facebook Ad is an easy way to get your page in front of a new relevant audience. Using Facebook’s targeting features you can create an ad that reaches people with certain characteristics like age and location.

You can also use Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature to upload your email list and reach your existing contacts.

4. Share helpful content

There is a big difference between social media and social media marketing. Give people a reason to Like your page by sharing helpful posts and driving action.

Facebook is a highly visual channel, so share images and videos when you can. You can even try a Facebook Live to engage your fans.

Not sure what to post on social media? Here are 30 ideas worth a try! 

5. Promote your page offline too

Promote your Facebook Page on all of your print marketing materials including business cards, menus, flyers, signs, t-shirts — anywhere it can be visible.

Mention your Facebook Page the next time you speak at a workshop, seminar or conference. You can even include an image and link to your page in your slide deck.

6. Don’t forget your existing social following

If you’re active on other social media channels, like Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, promote your page on those channels as well.

Your superfans will be happy to connect with your business anywhere they can.

Ready to promote your new Facebook Page? 

What good is a Facebook Page if no one knows it exists? Promote your page everywhere you can to increase your following and start making a real impact with social media.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2013 and has been updated for relevancy and accuracy.

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