New Facebook Menu Button

Did you notice the new Facebook menu button on your Facebook Navigation bar this week? It looks like a small dot grid or a domino. It’s called Menu, and if you click on it a pop down appears with many choices. Just when you thought you knew of all the features Facebook was offering, you see this. Warning: It’s only showing up on a Desktop view, not on Mobile or Tablets. 
The menu cannot be customized. There are several sections. The sections are SocialEntertainmentShopping (all shown on the screenshot), + Personal (Recent Ad Activity, Memories, Saved, Weather), Professional (Ads, Creator Studio, Jobs), Community Resources (8 various options), and More from Facebook (Messenger, Messenger Kids, Oculus).
Many, if not all of these items were already on the left side of your personal Facebook page, but you have to click See More to find this. The new menu button is easy to find and categorizes the topics and sections.
Personally, our team likes the Professional section, it makes it easier to find Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager. What about you, does this make your Facebook user experience easier?

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