New Constant Contact Integrations: March 2017

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We’re always looking to help small businesses and nonprofits find easy ways to grow and manage their business.

One of the best ways we can help our customers is by partnering with other companies that integrate with  Constant Contact to improve processes or enhance your marketing efforts.

Let’s take a closer look at three of the latest integrations we launched in our MarketPlace:

1. Gazella Wifi

Constant Contact integrations -- Gazella

With Gazella Wifi, you can grow your email list by having guests connect their social media accounts or enter their email address to access your free wifi.

Once those guests connect, use Gazella’s integration to add contacts directly into your Constant Contact account.

Gazella Wifi’s platform also gives you the ability to create a custom landing page that matches your brand or create a redirect so guests are driven to your website first.

Learn more about Gazella Wifi here.

2. Grow 

Constant Contact integrations -- GrowDo you have data scattered across a bunch of sources? Grow helps small businesses analyze and track data in an easy-to-use, customizable dashboard.

View key metrics in Grow’s business dashboards to make informed decisions and reach your business goals.

With over 150 different apps, you can connect internal and external sources, including Constant Contact’s email reporting.

Learn more about Grow.

3. Join It

Constant Contact integrations -- Join It

Join It is a membership management service that enables organizations to effectively track, manage, and grow their membership.

Join It helps nonprofits and organizations with their membership management by collecting recurring payments without making donors deal with an invoice again.

Join It lets you sync your membership contacts into a designated Constant Contact email list.

Learn more about Join It.

Looking for more tools to manage and grow your email marketing efforts?

These are just some of our recently-added integrations. Our Apps & Integrations page has a full listing of our integrations — including integrations with Outlook, WordPress, Zapier, and more.

Search by your business needs to discover integrations that can work for you.

Visit our Apps & Integrations page for a full list of tools that integrate with Constant Contact.

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