Landscaping Business Ideas to Grow Your Revenue and Customer Base

Landscaping company owners are usually too busy organizing equipment, scheduling teams, and restocking inventory to take time out and seek new customer leads. However, that’s what you’ll need to do if you want to grow your business.

It’s important to carve out time to spread awareness of your work in the community and make new connections. Both residential and commercial property managers need your services, but they have to be exposed to your business before you can land a new contract.

When it comes to new landscaping business ideas, you’ll want to combine digital marketing best practices with creative outreach of a more traditional approach. From purchasing Facebook ads for landscaping to creating a refer-a-friend program, new marketing initiatives can sprout new growth for the future of your firm. 

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Install small yard signs

The best way to demonstrate your abilities is through the work you’re doing in your community. You should be as proud of the yards and greenways you manage as the owners. If you have a good relationship with your customers, you can ask if they’ll place a yard sign on the edge of their property on your behalf.

A professionally designed sign with your logo and words that state, “Another Beautiful Yard By (Company Name)” with your phone number will suffice. Keep the signs small so that they are unobtrusive. 

Build an effective website

Do you have an easy-to-navigate website for your company? Every business needs to have a website that includes a list of the services you provide, photos of your work, testimonials from satisfied customers, and ways to contact you. 

When designing your website, make sure to optimize it so it can be easily found by search engines. Known as SEO, or search engine optimization, this process is a free way to rank higher on Google search pages. 

You’ll want to include keywords, which are the exact words or phrases people use when searching on Google for your services. To learn more about search engine optimization and other tips on online marketing, check out Constant Contact’s The Download for a free guide on how to navigate the home service industry.

Buy Facebook ads

Along with a website, you should also have a Facebook Business page. Be sure to connect your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts to streamline your social media marketing process.  

In addition to posting before-and-after pictures of all your completed projects online, you can also budget for Facebook ads. The general rule of advertising is that potential customers need to see your company name seven times before they consider giving you their business. Between signage, social media posts, and ads, those seven times can happen before you know it.

Ask customers to refer friends

Loyalty programs are a great way to let your current customers know that you appreciate them. You can work incentives into contract renewal negotiations or offer per-basis customers an extra service after a certain number of appointments. You may feel uncomfortable “giving away” your time, but strategically doing so can help you gain life-long clients.

What’s more, clients who enjoy working with you usually have friends and business associates who could also use your services. Consider creating a refer-a-friend program, where the new customer could receive a discount and the person who referred them can get a discount upon signing a new contract. 

These programs are worth highlighting on your social media accounts. It’s easy for your clients to simply “share” your status to let their friends know that they appreciate your work. Just make sure to give them the motivation they need to help.

Offer high-visibility volunteer work

Does your community have charities located on prime real estate that could benefit from your services? Consider donating your time and resources to charity. They’ll be grateful for your help, and they’ll likely be fine with you having a larger sign in the yard to let neighbors know about your support.

You can also ask the nonprofit representative to add a positive review on Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, or Angie’s List. Of course, you’ll want to check to make sure all your listings are up-to-date and completed in full. Be sure to respond to all reviews in a timely fashion, taking care to be professional and courteous when responding to any negative reviews.

Write a landscaping blog 

Another way to demonstrate your expertise is to share landscaping best practices with your community through a blog. You likely have a lot of ideas about ways that your customers can make better decisions to improve their landscaping — and make your job easier, too.

Schedule consistent, well-written blog posts on topics that you believe your customers would be interested in. Think about DIY projects, seasonal maintenance, and landscape design ideas that let them know they can turn to you for advice. 

Build your email list

Are you collecting email addresses for all your customers? Whether you’re meeting in-person or discussing options over the phone, be sure to gather email addresses from each of your clients. 

You can also offer a free incentive, such as a fire prevention checklist or a discount on their first project if they sign up for your email list through your website. Once a new customer has signed up, you can send them an automated welcome email that lets them know they’ll receive a monthly email to keep you top of mind.

Network with fellow pros

Chances are, you know fellow home services professionals who have clients similar to yours. Real estate agents, plumbers, electricians, and painters are just some contractors who may be able to suggest your services. 

Provide them with packets containing your rate sheet, photos, testimonials, and contact information that they can pass on to anyone looking for landscaping services. When potential customers call you, don’t forget to ask how they heard of your business. Then, you can offer your associates a referral fee for each new client they procure for you.

Of course, you can also return the favor. Networking can be accomplished both on and offline. Reach out on LinkedIn to your professional peers and ask to join forces. By joining or establishing a network of trustworthy, experienced professionals, you’ll bring in new clients and make your customers’ lives easier. 

Get creative to grow your business

There are plenty of ways to enhance the marketing efforts of your landscaping business, and doing so is not as difficult as you might think. When you write a blog, for example, you can publish it on your website, send it to your email list, and then post a link on your social media pages. 

When you complete a project, you can add a sign and then take pictures to share on your website and on your social media pages. Talk with fellow professionals in your community to see if they recommend any other ways to branch out to improve your customer base — and your bottom line.

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