June 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning

  Back in January, we shared a worksheet to help you plan a year’s worth of email marketing opportunities. You jotted down some important dates, meticulously added them to your marketing calendar, and resolved to make this the year you really stuck to it.

And then what happened?

If you’re like most of us, you stuck with it for a while. Things were going great — until something unexpected came up and… Whoa. All your good intentions, right out the window.

Ready to get back into your marketing groove?

With summertime about to hit, we’re back with an infographic to spark some new marketing ideas. Whether you decide to extend your store hours for a Summer Solstice event, send a promotional email with your Father’s Day Specials, or participate in Social Media Day to draw some attention to your other online channels, we hope this infographic inspires some timely ideas for your business. Try something new and let us know how it works for you: June 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning Check back next month for a July version. In the meantime, leave us a comment to let us know how these ideas are working for you! The post June 2016 Marketing and Holiday Planning appeared first on Constant Contact Blogs.

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