Instagram’s New ‘Explore’ and ‘Search’ Features for Business

Does your small business have a presence on Instagram?

Recent updates to the ‘Explore’ and ‘Search’ features now allow you get noticed by your community more easily.

So if your answer to the previous question was ‘no,’ you may want to reconsider your social strategy!

‘Explore’ makes discovering new conversations in real time through trending tags and hashtags easier than ever before. ‘Search’ allows users to search by place, tag, or person — three channels for potential customers to find your business!

How can you use this new feature?
Instagram is a powerful tool that your business can benefit from using with the proper social media strategy in hand.

Here are three easy ways to use the updated ‘Explore’ and ‘Search’ features for your small business.

1. Find new followers
Using the ‘Discover’ function, you will see recommended users based on your Instagram activity. Follow them, take note of the types of things they are sharing and commenting on and create similar content that they will interest them.

2. Engage with potential customers nearby
Search for a nearby landmark or public place near your business and easily find Instagram users within close proximity. These people represent a whole new potential customer demographic that you can engage with by liking or commenting on their photos and inviting them to visit you.

3. Get involved in trending conversations
Track popular hashtags in real time by scrolling through the most popular posts and discovering new conversations to participate in. You will likely find hashtags that are relevant to your business — snap a photo and get involved in the discussion with a detailed and engaging caption with a call to action, like ‘visit us today!’

The key to making Instagram work for your business is to create original, captivating content. On social channels like Instagram and Pinterest, include descriptive captions with appropriate hashtags to help you gain the attention of those who may have otherwise been unaware of your business.

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