Instagram Updates and What They Mean For Your Business

Instagram has released a range of updates recently. In addition to a new logo and color scheme, they’re also updating and adding to their business tools as well.

So what are all the updates, and what do they mean to you and your business?

New Logo

Newest Updates to Instagram for Business | Social Media TodayWhile the verdict is still out on the new logo, it was redesigned to show how the app has evolved. The new Facebook owners wanted a simpler and sleek logo for the app. They kept the camera in the logo because pictures are still the center of attention.

New Color Scheme

Newest Updates to Instagram for Business | Social Media TodayAlong with the new logo, they decided a new color scheme was in order. The interface is still the same but they created a black and white background to give your eyes a place to rest and put more focus on the images themselves.

Promoted Posts

Instagram decided to create ad space that will resemble how Facebook set up their ads. You can turn your posts into ads (in other words, promoted posts). This allows you to gain more views and boost potential engagements on your profile


Not only can you promote your business’s posts, you can also now track how well they’re doing with Instagram’s updated analytics. Brand profiles will now have their own analytic tools which will enable you to keep track of who’s looking at your posts and ways to target your business’s demographics. And the most exciting part? It’s totally free.

Targeting Tools

These tools enable you to narrow down or broaden who you’re ads are targeting. Keep in mind that you want to know how much you want to pay per potential lead. This’ll help you decide whether you need to narrow or broaden your targeting.

Ways that you should be able to target your audience on Instagram would be by area, time of day, or days of the week. If you’re unsure of how your audience reacts to your posts, you can wait to look at your analytics and design the best marketing plan from that.

Contact Button

Click-to-call buttons have about a 70% rate of use on other platforms. Besides the increased chances of a potential customer utilizing the button, studies have also found and having such a button can lead to a 200% increase in conversion.

Instagram have created a prominent click-to-call button for business profiles. Our suggestion, take advantage of this golden ticket.

Additional Contact Information On Profile Page

Besides a contact button, you can add your email address, or a text message number to your profile, and directions to your place of business. This is great news because your customers can contact you in a fashion that’s most convenient to them.

While some users will be excited for the new, stripped back presentation format, most of the enthusiasm around these updates is coming from the business community.

Instagram’s marketing capabilities are taking off – if you aren’t including Instagram in your marketing strategy, it might be time for you to start considering it for your business.

Source: Travis Huff

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