Instagram Favoring Original Content

Instagram recently announced it will start favoring original content on the platform — but what exactly does that mean and why is Instagram making this change?

There’s been a bit of confusion since Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri made this algorithm announcement the other day. I’ve received a number of questions such as:

  • How does IG know whether the content is original or not?
  • Instagram Favoring Original Content.Can I take this audio and reuse it?
  • Can I remix this reel?
  • Can I re-purpose my own content?

Here’s further clarification:

  1. This latest algorithm change is specifically aimed at ‘content aggregators’ – those IG accounts with mostly all scraped OPC (other people’s content), whether videos, reels, or images.
  2. The goal is to reduce content farms in feeds and give more visibility to the original content. (You’ve likely seen the large-ish accounts where all they do is scrape OPC, sometimes tagging the original creators and giving credit/attribution. But often these accounts don’t give proper credit).
  3. Instagram may not know for certain if the content is original or not. But the AI will look at factors like who’s in the video and if the video has been seen before on the platform in order to try and predict how likely something is original.
  4. You can still upload content created/edited outside of Instagram. Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, states: “The idea is if you made it, it’s original. It’s okay if you edited it outside of Instagram and then bring it in via the gallery.”
  5. YES, you absolutely can use existing audio on IG. That’s a big component of making Reels. Of course, you can create your own original audio, too.
  6. YES, you can re-purpose any of your own original content and this won’t be affected by the new algorithm change. In fact, it’s a great practice to go back through some of your older, best-performing posts and remix/repost (on both IG & FB!).
  7. YES, you certainly can remix other people’s Reels – that’s literally a setting right inside Reels. So long as the original creator has enabled remixing, you’re good to go.

Learn more via this article by Social Media Today…/instagrams…/622424.

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