How to Pick the Best Warehouse Names for Your Business

When launching your warehouse, choosing the perfect warehouse name is an essential step. 

According to research, the power of association can be a vital deciding factor for customers who are searching for warehouses like yours. When generating names for your business, it is important to stand out among the nearly 20,000 warehouses in the United States.

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This means, strong branding is more important than ever. Below you’ll find:

  • Major do’s and don’ts for crafting warehouse names 
  • Elements that can help generate warehouse names
  • Next steps for building your warehouse brand

Major do’s and don’ts for crafting warehouse names

When choosing a name for your warehouse, consider options that convey the type of warehouse you are running. The goal is to make it obvious to potential customers:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why they should choose you

Do use clear language

While you don’t necessarily need to include the word “warehouse” in your business name, it’s wise to use relevant keywords. Among others, here are some good terms you can add to your warehouse name options:

  • Goods
  • Inventory
  • Bulk
  • Box
  • Supply
  • Depot

Using unique language can help set you apart while also describing what you do in a more specific way than “warehouse” might allow. 

Combined with other search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, using relevant keywords can help you rank higher in searches. While SEO can seem complicated, resources like Constant Contact’s SEO Tools can make it easier to appear in more customer searches.  

Warehouse names use clear language
This is an example of a warehouse that uses a creative name to describe its service clearly.

Do make it catchy

Your warehouse name will appear in many places, so a name with good recall will be important for you to stand out when:

Go for short and catchy names over names that are long and clunky. Always imagine the final product on your promotional materials and marketing tools throughout the decision process.

Beyond keeping it short and sweet, think about the ways you can make your name memorable creatively. You can utilize:

  • Puns or a play on words
  • Pop culture references
  • Family names
  • Rhymes or alliteration

Don’t intentionally misspell words

While creative and lighthearted, intentionally misspelled words in your warehouse name can lead to an SEO disaster.

For example: “The Wearhouse” might seem like a cute brand name for a warehouse that houses apparel but it might damage your ranking in Google searches. Customers may spell your name the standard way — “The Warehouse” — or autocorrect may divert potential customers.

Because SEO is a powerful long term tool for generating customer leads in your business, choosing a name that is SEO-friendly is essential.

Don’t forget to trademark your warehouse name

After you pick your warehouse name, trademark it at once. You should plan to: 

Elements that can help generate warehouse names

After you’ve done a lengthy search of competitors’ names and determined what you love and don’t love, it’s time to brainstorm. To give your ideas some structure, consider factors like your warehouse’s location, services, and other unique qualities. 


Your location can be an essential factor when naming your warehouse. You can incorporate geographic details such as:

  • Nearby landmarks: If your warehouse is located near a famous landmark, using it in your name can make your warehouse instantly more recognizable. 
  • Street names: What street is your warehouse located on? Street names can have a great ring to them and work well as a part of your business name. 
  • Numbers: Incorporating the address number, zip code, or area code into your warehouse can add a modern and industrial twist.
  • Regional qualities: Consider what makes your city or state special. This can help you pick the perfect name that clicks with customers.

Specific details can lend instant recognizability and appeal to your warehouse name.


As a business owner, you likely have a strong vision of the values of your brand. You may have even developed a mission statement or set of values. Consider how your warehouse name can express your values and goals as a company.

Family name

Many businesses are passed down from generation to generation, building rapport with their community and loyal customers. Choosing to incorporate a family name into your warehouse name can create a strong sense of traditional values and community ties. 

When choosing a warehouse name, consider using:

  • Your family last name: A name like Sardo & Sons evokes a family business feel. 
  • A traditional family name: Edwards Warehouse sounds traditional and familial. 
  • A nickname: Using a nickname like Bud’s Warehouse creates a sense of familiarity with your customers. 


Choosing a name that conveys the type of services you offer is a great way to attract customers, especially through an online search. 

Some warehouse categories and strong examples include:

  • Industrial: If you’re housing or selling surplus or wholesale selections of industrial materials like metal or wood, indicate the industrial element of your services in the name.  Industrial Metal Supply Co. is an outstanding example of a warehouse that is straightforward, descriptive, and creative. 
  • Food: Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores is an effective business name not only because it is descriptive about the type of wares stored there, but also because conveys to customers that the company values smart and efficient service. 
  • Apparel: The Apparel Logistics Group Inc. is a distribution center that focuses on anticipating the needs of the modern apparel industry, as clearly depicted in its warehouse name! The “Inc.,” adds creative and professional distinction. 
Some great warehouse names describe their services
The Chef’s Warehouse has a name that conveys the type of product it houses while using modern branding and a recognizable industry term.


It is best to choose a name that reflects the appropriate tone for your business. You can consider using tactics such as:

  • Alliteration: Starting all words with the same letter and sound can create a catchy and unique name. For example, Wine Warehouse has a lovely ring to it.
  • Abbreviation: Abbreviations can create a more modern and clean-cut tone to your warehouse name. For example, Lumber Liquidators recently changed its name to LL Flooring.
  • Imagery: Open Box Medical, while appropriately professional, creates a unique title with its warehouse name.
  • Brandability: Consider how catchy or brandable you want your name to be. For example, The Chef’s Warehouse is a simple but catchy name for a restaurant supplier.

Analyze the names of other warehouses and look for some of these trends at work.

Some warehouse names rely on tone and brandability
LL Flooring opted for a sleek update to their warehouse name and branding.

Next steps for building your warehouse brand

Choosing a name for your business can be a challenge. However, keep in mind that the goal is to promote your hard-earned business and stand out among other warehouses. Enjoy the process! 

Now that you understand the primary do’s and don’ts for crafting warehouse names, as well as different ways to generate ideas, you should be ready to get started.
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