How to Get Web Design Clients Fast: 4 Tactics to Try

Attracting new clients as a web designer can feel overwhelming — it can be a challenge to stand out from the crowd. Still, talented designers can find clients fast by applying these four techniques. 

These brand-enhancing approaches are sure to help you drive in more web design clients now and lay the groundwork for future success.

In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to know about:

  • Re-optimizing your website
  • Trading guest blogs
  • Seeking out referrals
  • Engaging more with your social networks

Tools and advice to help you find clients for your web development or computer systems design business.

1. Re-optimize your website 

It may sound counterintuitive. After all, if you’re a web designer, surely your own website is optimized. Right? The truth is, if it’s been awhile, there’s a good chance you could benefit from an update. 

How to re-optimize your site 

When you spruce up your website, Google will reward you for your efforts. When you update your existing content or add new content, you’ll likely see at least a small traffic spike. You don’t need to do a huge overhaul — small updates count. 

Here are some easy updates you can perform that can translate into a higher search engine results ranking:

  • Give your blog posts a light edit and update the publication date to today’s date.
  • Quickly create new content by repurposing part of your client newsletter or expanding on a social media post.
  • Audit your website for broken links — an online link-checking tool can help.
  • Update your links to more recently published content, ideally from the past 12 months.
  • Add visual elements, including videos. A good rule of thumb is to include a graphic for every 350 words.
  • Perform keyword research regularly and update your content’s titles and headings to match.

Note that most of these ideas focus on fresh content. Google strongly favors websites that are updated regularly. Every time you add to your site or make changes, your content will appear fresher to Google.

Check your site’s mobile-responsiveness 

As you re-optimize your website, take the time to test it on various smaller screens. 

how to get web design clients fast
Mobile-optimization is key to capturing potential clients visiting your site from a mobile device. | Source: The Download: Making Sense of Online Marketing for Technology Services.

Mobile-responsive websites rank higher on Google searches, but especially as a web designer, you risk turning off potential clients if your site doesn’t load well on smartphones. More than half of all web traffic today originates from mobile devices.

2. Trade guest blogs

Guest blogging can be mutually beneficial for you and a colleague. When you post on another website, you can drive traffic to your own site and get your message in front of new potential clients. When you host a guest blog on your own site, you’ll be updating your content, helping your search rank rise. 

How to trade guest blogs

Don’t overcomplicate this process. It may seem as though several logistical challenges are involved, but a straightforward approach is sure to net results:

  1. Make a list of some of your best business partners.
  2. Pitch a quick idea for a guest blog to your top five partners.
  3. In your pitch, make it clear that you’re hoping to host a blog post from them as well.
  4. Work out a deadline, and don’t miss it.
  5. When your business partner sends you their blog, post it right away.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to promote your guest blogs and the guest blogs you host. Blog posts are perfect for sharing across all your social networks. 

When you trade guest blogs, you’ll do more than enhance your search rank. You’ll also enrich important partnerships. Consider reaching out to partners like:

  • Your content providers
  • Your web host
  • Graphic designers you work with
  • Past clients that need blog content

Trading blogs with each of these partners can help introduce your brand to new audiences.

3. Seek out referrals

The easiest way to get referrals is to ask for them. Touch base with satisfied clients and ask them to introduce you to people they know who may need web design work. 

how to get web design clients fast
Referrals are effective because buyers prefer to do business with people and brands they feel they can trust. | Source:

Don’t be shy about asking for testimonials while you’re at it. Short, impactful testimonials add trustworthiness to your brand and showcase your skills through another person’s eyes. 

Here are a few quick ways to build up your list of referrals: 

  • Refer people to your partner companies to build up goodwill.
  • Use LinkedIn to send messages directly to your partners.
  • Post blogs on LinkedIn with an appeal for referrals.
  • Offer discounts to current clients who refer you to new business.

4. Engage more with your social networks

Your social networks are ideal for building trust and rapport with your clients and would-be clients. A social presence helps you refine your personal brand in a unique, interactive way that doesn’t exist in other mediums. 

When you share value through your expertise and showcase your personality, your brand will become more authoritative, and your connections will be happy to help convey your message to their own circles. 

Brand-building social media

Social media offers an ideal opportunity for you as a web designer to create posts that serve as a mini-portfolio piece. You can create posts based on work you’ve done and put together informative, shareable infographics. 

Each platform has its own vibe, so you’ll want to tailor your messaging accordingly.


Some companies exclusively use Facebook for their web presence — partly because the platform makes it easy. You can create a professional page for your web design business that features testimonials, screenshots from projects, and a variety of posts that allow you to relate on a personal level with your followers. 


Instagram is ideal for web designers because it’s a highly visual platform. Share examples of your work in fun ways, and be sure to interact with your followers. Hashtags are key on Instagram, so be sure to do some research before you post to make sure you’re getting as much reach as possible. 


LinkedIn was created for networking and has evolved into a powerful social platform over the past few years. It’s essential to have an up-to-date profile here — one that can help you attract new clients who search on various keywords. LinkedIn essentially has its own search optimization. Including keywords like “freelance web designer,” for example, can help to raise your profile. 

Social networking best practices

However you choose to engage on social networks, you’ll have more success if your approach is consistent, deliberate, and always fresh. As you develop your social media presence, aim to incorporate these four best practices:

  • Post regularly. A good rule of thumb is to post three to four times a week on each platform. Here’s how often to post on each specific social media platform.
  • Engage with commenters and users who share your content.
  • Keep your messaging consistent across all your social networks.
  • Cross-post whenever possible. Share your Facebook posts on Instagram, your LinkedIn blogs on Facebook, and so on.

And be sure to get into the habit of displaying your social network handles on marketing materials and as part of your email signature. 

Ready to attract new web design clients?

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