How to Get More Newsletter Signups From Your WordPress Website

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Are you wondering how to grow your email list through WordPress?

Our recently released Constant Contact Forms plugin helps turn your website visitors into new email subscribers — who you can then nurture into happy customers.

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Your website is the perfect place to collect new contacts

Think about it. Your website visitors are looking for information.

They’re investigating your products, services, or mission because they want to be as informed as possible before they commit to making a purchase or donation.

That’s why you need to make it easy for them to get to know your business better by encouraging them to sign up for your email list.

How can you add a sign-up form to your website?

The Constant Contact Forms Plugin is available to all domain-owned, based WordPress users, even if you don’t have a Constant Contact account.

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Here are some key features:

  • The sign-up form will match the theme and style of your WordPress site automatically so you don’t have to do any design work to make it look good. Score!
  • All forms are mobile-optimized so they’ll look good on any sized screen.
  • You can customize what information your subscribers need to fill out to join your list by requiring fields like First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Website, Birthday, etc.

Tip: Don’t ask too much of your potential subscriber right at the start — just ask what you need to know. First name and email address are often all you’ll need.

  • All new signups will automatically be added to your Constant Contact account and the email list you choose.
  • If you’re looking to segment your email list based upon varying interests or content topics, you can create multiple forms.

How can you make your sign-up form more effective?

Just because you build it, don’t assume that they will come. Without a good reason to subscribe to your mailing list, your website visitors might just skip over your sign-up form.

Follow these best practices:

1. Offer something valuable

The best email lists grow because their sign-up form descriptions and calls-to-action are compelling.

State exactly what potential subscribers can expect from you in exchange for their email address. You can offer a special introductory offer or give away an especially useful piece of content.

Here’s a great example from professional speaker, Nancy Juetten:

wordpress newsletter plugin example

2. Create a 1-3 sentence ‘elevator pitch’ for your email list

A succinct ‘elevator pitch’ will answer important questions like What are you sending and how often?  

Nonprofit, The Local Good, explains the benefit of joining their email list in a quick couple sentences:

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3. Follow through with a Welcome Email

Make good on your promise to new subscribers by immediately sending an automated Welcome Email.

A Welcome Email is crucial to growing and maintaining a strong subscriber list because it is the first step towards nurturing your subscribers.

Welcome email example Southside

Your welcome email is the first impression someone has of your business or nonprofit, so that first email should be your best and should deliver what an interested subscriber is looking for.

Here’s how to customize your Welcome Email in your Constant Contact account.

Are you ready to grow your email list from your WordPress website?

Download the Constant Contact Forms Plugin today and set up your sign-up forms.

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