How to Generate Repeat Business From Your Website


Your website is picking up steam.

You’re finally getting some good traffic.

But how many of those visits are translating into actual business?

Because if you’re not collecting contact information and following up with quality email marketing, you’re wasting every click.

Use these four steps to generate repeat business from your website:

1. Add a sign-up form to your website.

Use a sign-up form to collect contact information from your website visitors, so you can stay in touch with them.


Make your sign-up form visible on every page of your website. Whether someone visits your homepage directly or enters a separate page through search or social media, your sign-up form should be easily accessible.

Here are some sign-up forms worth exploring:

  • Constant Contact Forms for WordPress: This free WordPress plugin lets you build a professional, mobile-optimized sign-up form in minutes. Customize the form with your branding and select which fields are relevant to your business. This plugin works with all sites, no Constant Contact account required.
  • MailMunch and Privy: For more advanced sign-up forms, check out MailMunch and Privy. With free and paid versions, these apps provide you with a variety of interactive forms, from popups to banners to email bars.

2. Give people a good reason to sign-up.

I hate to break it to you, but “Join Our Email List” probably isn’t going to cut it. Instead, look for opportunities to highlight the benefits of joining your email list.

What can people expect to receive? How often will they hear from you? What benefits are exclusive to email subscribers?

Use this information to craft a 1-3 sentence elevator pitch for your email list.

Here’s a great example from CPA for Freelancers®:


3. Deliver a personalized Welcome Email with an incentive to buy.

Once someone signs up for your email list, your Welcome Email is the secret to keeping the momentum strong.

Take advantage of the higher-than-average Welcome Email open rates and send something that drives action right away.

By Paige sends new subscribers a 10 percent off coupon to entice people to make their first purchase.


Here’s how to create and customize a Welcome Email in your Constant Contact account.

4. Build customer loyalty with consistent communication.

Not every sale is a simple conversion. To transform website visitors into loyal, repeat customers you need to consistently deliver value through professional email marketing.

Brand new to email marketing? Try it out for free! Constant Contact offers a free 60-day trial.

Nurtured leads not only turn into sales more frequently, they also make 47 percent larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.

Go beyond a Welcome Email by developing a 3-part autoresponder series. You can create a series of emails to automatically send to your new website subscribers, ensuring they’re getting a great introduction to your business.

You choose the topics and sending frequency, based on your business. Here’s a step-by-step look at how to create an autoresponder series.

Need more convincing? Businesses that automate their lead management see a 10 percent or greater increase in revenue in only 6-9 months.

Is email marketing the missing piece in your website strategy?

Put this four-step strategy into action to transform your website from a hit-and-run site to a business-generating machine.

By consistently communicating with your website visitors, you’ll spend less time searching for new customers and more time nurturing people who have already shown interest in you.

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