How to Find a Service Provider to Start Running Retargeting Ads

Keep customers coming back to your website with a retargeting campaign.

Every business has a different strategy for generating traffic, but most don’t have a plan for converting the visitors who leave the website without taking action.

That’s where remarketing ads come to help.

With remarketing, or retargeting, you can serve display ads to website visitors after they leave your website. These leads are 70% more likely to convert, meaning your business can see a major boost once you start.

Once you’ve chosen a remarketing service provider that works for your business, then you can create an email marketing strategy that works hand in hand with it.

Different tools, like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and an email lead generation plugin can help you learn more about your customers. This will let you gather insights and metrics to target the right users with your ad campaigns.

There are several remarketing ad service providers you can use to create retargeting ad campaigns. Here are just a few of them:

1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular advertising platforms available today with a network of over 2 million publishers around the world.

Since AdSense has a massive network of publishers in many different categories, you can effectively target your website visitors by showing retargeting ads on their favorite websites.

AdSense can deliver your retargeting ads across different websites and platforms.

How it works:

After creating an ad campaign, AdSense will deliver your retargeting ads across different websites and platforms based on the type of ad you choose.

If it’s a display ad, it will be shown on many websites and blogs that utilize AdSense ads. If it’s a text ad, you can choose to target users via Google Search as well as on other websites. AdSense also supports video-based ads, which targets users on YouTube.

You can get started with AdSense with a budget as small as $10.

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads lets you create retargeting ads to grab the attention of your website visitors while they’re browsing their Facebook feeds.

With Facebook Ads, you get a chance to create a more personalized ad for your potential customers. For example, you can create a Facebook ad to offer a discount code, a coupon code, or even to promote a special sale with a personalized message to previous website visitors.

Facebook ads let you retarget customers where they're active.

How it works:

Similar to AdSense, Facebook Ads are budget-friendly and there are no minimum costs for starting a retargeting ad campaign.

There are a few different ways to retarget with Facebook Ads. One is to use the data you’ve collected from a Facebook Pixel to retarget abandoning website visitors. Another is with a custom audience with your email list to retarget your email subscribers.

Start targeting your customers on Facebook with custom audiences.

3. AdRoll

AdRoll is a software that connects all of the popular advertising networks  together to help you manage your ads more easily and create campaigns with a bigger reach.

AdRoll integrates with Facebook Ads, Twitter ads, email marketing services, CRMs, Google display network, YouTube ads, and more. This allows you to create campaigns to target your customers across multiple campaigns from a single website.

Constantly improve your retargeting by gathering data with AdRoll.

How it works:

One of the best features of AdRoll is the ability to gather data across all your platforms in order to learn, measure, and improve your ads, driving continuous conversions and growth.

With pricing plans starting at $300 monthly spend, you can get started with AdRoll with a limited budget.

4. ReTargeter

ReTargeter is a service that focuses specifically on retargeting ads. Similar to AdRoll, ReTargeter also allows you to create ad campaigns targeting audiences on Facebook, websites, CRMs, Google and Yahoo search, and more.

ReTargeter also offers a useful system that helps you create lookalike audiences using your existing data to discover more potential customers. Much like Facebook Lookalike Audiences, with ReTargeter you can create a custom audience based on the same interests and habits as your existing customers.

ReTargeter lets you work with multiple strategies to retarget your customers.

How it works:

With ReTargeter, there are several different strategies you can use to create a retargeting ad. You can choose from site retargeting, CRM retargeting, contextual retargeting, search retargeting, and audience retargeting.

Each technique will allow you to reach your website visitors and audiences on several different platforms once you start using ReTargeter

Use email marketing hand in hand

Retargeting is a useful tool for bringing customers back to your site, but email marketing can help to build on that success. For customers that are ready to purchase, but need a gentle nudge to complete the transaction, retargeting is the perfect solution. Other customers though, may need a little more convincing.

Email can work in tandem to your retargeting efforts by educating customers through content. Identify what the majority of your potential customers need, such as more information about what sets your products apart from competitors, and then build email content around that differentiation.

Start attracting new customers for your business

Retargeting works best when it is used as a tool within a larger marketing strategy for your business. You can use remarketing ads to convert more website visitors into qualified customers and then use other strategies, like email marketing, to convince the rest. With so many options to choose from, it’s best to find the remarketing tool, or tools, that fit into your strategy and grow your revenue to help your business succeed.

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