Grow Your Email List with Scan to Join

In our last post we talked about growing your email marketing with with Text To Join.  Here is another way you can reach your customers.  Scan-to-Join is a mobile friendly way that customers can add themselves to your lists by scanning a QR code with their smart phones. Using a Scan-to-Join QR code on flyers, business cards or other printed media can help you get new mobile subscribers when accessing the internet isn’t possible.

We identify what information you would like to collect from your customers such as name, address, email, phone.  You can also add interests that they can select so you know what information to send them, like horse, pet, wildlife, garden and such.  This creates a sign up form that is linked to a customized QR code.  When the QR code is scanned by your customers using their smart phones, it brings them to the signup page where they enter their information.  That’s it!  They are now on your mailing list.

We can create a flyer with the QR code on it that you can use in the store(s).

What’s the next step?  Call your Red Mango Marketing Account Manger and they’ll get you set up.  It’s easy, fast, & free!

Best of all, it will help you grow your email marketing list.

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