Grow Your Email List Faster With ListBuilder


Looking for an easier way to collect email signups in store and at events?

Tired of trying to decipher chicken scratch from pen and paper sign-up sheets?

That’s why we created our new ListBuilder app.

With ListBuilder, you can collect new email subscribers right from your iPad or Android Tablet.

Let contacts enter their information digitally, and automatically add them to a new or existing email list in your Constant Contact account.

Read on for an overview of ListBuilder’s benefits and features.

You can download our free ListBuilder app through Apple Store or Google Play.

Collect email signups on the go.

After downloading our ListBuilder app, you can easily collect new subscribers — no matter where you are.

ListBuilder lets people enter their names and contact information, even without internet access. Your contacts can be collected offline and will automatically sync to your Constant Contact account the next time you connect to the internet.


Customize your form for your brand and preferences

Personalize your sign up form by adding your logo or uploading a relevant image.

Take this opportunity to personalize your form with an eye-catching image that represents your brand. You can choose from images in your Constant Contact account or upload a new one.

Then, select the information you want to collect from your new subscribers including:

  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Birthday/anniversary

Tip: Remember, the less information you ask for the easier it is for people to sign up. Only ask for the information you really need. First name, last name, email address, and birthday are usually enough to start with.


Lastly, select the email list you’d like to add your new subscribers to. You can use an existing list or creative a new one right from the app.

Consider creating a new “ListBuilder” email list so you can keep track of how many sign-ups are coming from the app. You can even create a custom Welcome Email to send to people who sign up through the app.

For example, if you entice holiday shoppers in your store to sign up for your email list to receive a 10 percent off coupon, you can create an automated email to send immediately after people sign up through ListBuilder.

Create a special list for ListBuilder signups and set up a custom automated email to send only to this list.


Add a security pin

Keep users from  editing the signup form by setting a security pin. This ensures your tablet is safe for public use.  


Ready to say goodbye to pen and paper contact collection?

All Constant Contact customers and trialers can download the ListBuilder app for free.

Visit the Apple Store to download the iOS version or Google Play for Android users.  

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