Get the Nonprofit Year-End Marketing Checklist

The end of the year is busy for all of us, but for nonprofit professionals, the busyness of the season can be at another level.

You know that your year-end fundraising campaign is one of your most important opportunities to drum up donations to power you on through the coming year. And with limited time and resources, your fundraising tactics need to be both efficient and effective.

That’s why we’ve created our Nonprofit Year-End Marketing Checklist, to keep you focused on the things that matter the most for a successful fundraising season.

What you’ll learn from our Nonprofit Year-End Marketing Checklist

Our lists stays focused on must-knows and must-dos for nonprofits looking to generate substantial donations this giving season, including:

  • Key dates to plan for
  • Tips for planning your year-end campaigns
  • Recommendations for more effective campaigns
  • How to set up all your marketing channels for success, including:

Download and print the free Nonprofit Year-End Marketing Checklist

Click the image below to get your copy of the Nonprofit Year-End Marketing Checklist.

Nonprofit Year-End Marketing Checklist
Click on the image to download the Nonprofit Year-End Marketing checklist.

Need a printer-friendly version?

If you’re looking to print this checklist, click here to download the printer-friendly version.

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