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How many of you have a blog?  If you are a RMM client, most of you do!  We encourage our clients to “find their voice” and create a blog for their monthly newsletter.  It can be intimidating at first, but a blog is simply putting down in writing what you tell your customers each day.

You are the resident expert at your store, folks come to you to hear what you have to say.  Is it time to put down a pre-emergent?  Are chicks arriving in your stores?  What can I do about fleas?  What type of feed is best for my horse/dog/cate/hamster…..  You know the answers, so why not put them down in writing each month?

A blog is an excellent way to tell you customers what they should be doing, and to promote the products you have in your store.  You don’t have to be the best writer!  Be a good storyteller.  Send us your thoughts and we’ll help hone your message while keeping YOUR voice.  Don’t forget pictures, they help tell your story.  Ask questions so folks will interact with your blog.

Clients that take the time to write a blog for their website see continual growth in terms of website visits. They offer value on their website and social media sites.  Blogs let you identify with your customers and help send a message about what they should be doing, and reminding them to stop by the store.

Video is another excellent use of a blog.  Have a new item in the store, take a short video clip of the item and send it to us.  You don’t have to physically be on the video, just talk about the items you are showcasing.  New plants arrive, take a short video showing the vegetable plants and telling everyone what type they are, when they need to get them in the ground and what supplies you have to help them.  Short, 15-30 second video…best of all it’s your voice and not your lovely face on the video!  New clothing in the store, take a quick video.  Send your video to your RMM account manager and we’ll get it on your website and posted to social media.

Blogging is easy, informative and fun.  Want to get started, talk to us about how we can help!

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