February 2021 Marketing Holidays

February might not seem like the most festive month, especially since we just experienced the whirlwind of holidays that come at the end of November and last through to the new year. But actually, when you look at the calendar, you can see that February is filled with meaningful reasons to celebrate.

First of all, February is Black History Month, an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the contributions of the Black community in the U.S. You could use this as an opportunity to give back to meaningful causes, or if your business is Black-owned, to tell your own story and share what being a Black-owned business means to you.

Apart from that, February is also packed with other cultural celebrations and holidays.

February 2021 holidays

Just a few of the major holidays that will be celebrated in February 2021 are:

  • February 12 — Lunar New Year, this year celebrating 2021 as the year of the Ox
  • February 14 — Valentine’s Day (check out these Valentine’s Day emails!)
  • February 15 — Singles Awareness Day
  • February 16 — Mardi Gras
  • February 17 — Ash Wednesday
  • February 25 — Purim begins at sundown

See? February is almost as packed with holidays and traditions as December! And February’s holidays represent many different cultures, which gives us a special opportunity to observe and celebrate each other’s traditions. Think about how you might bring that celebration into your digital communications this year.

For more February 2021 holidays and tips for planning your marketing, check out our infographic below. Or get started on planning out your entire year with our 2021 Online Marketing Calendar, complete with a free template and a full list of holidays you can use to plan a successful 2021.

February 2021 marketing and holiday planning infographic

Click the image below to download the full infographic.

February 2021 holidays

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