Facebook Pulls the Plug on Podcasts

Facebook Pulls the Plug on Podcasts | Red Mango Marketing BlogFacebook pulls the plug on Podcasts after less than a year…

Facebook first announced that you could pull your podcast in to your Page on June 21, 2021 at the height of the social audio buzz to compete with Clubhouse, Spotify, Twitter Spaces et al. Now, the buzz has settled down a lot, as you likely know… and Facebook’s interest in social audio has waned.

So, Facebook will stop letting people add podcasts to their Pages starting this week. And, the company will discontinue both its short-form audio product Soundbites and remove its central audio hub. Podcasts will then no longer be available at all on Facebook after June 3.

Facebook does not plan to alert users, leaving it up to publishers to decide how they want to disclose that podcasts are being pulled. ?

? Also NOTE ? ?? Live Audio Rooms will be integrated into Facebook Live, meaning you can choose to go live with just audio or audio and video. Could that mean the ‘Rooms’ feature will be nixed next ??‍♀️?

I don’t know about you, but when new features come out only to be nixed a short while later, it doesn’t inspire confidence to go ‘all in’ on the next new feature. ?

Read more via Bloomberg at: https://www.bloomberg.com/…/facebook-is-planning-to…

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