Ecommerce Lately December 2020

Ho Ho Holy cow this was a crazy year! COVID-19 impacted the world in many ways. It caused small businesses to close their doors, but it also opened some for ecommerce merchants. Today, it’s essential for entrepreneurs to offer a wide variety of options from curbside pickup and improved delivery to e-wallets and payment programs. If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that people can persevere through anything life throws at them.

It’s our last Ecommerce Lately of the year, and we hope to bring you only good news in 2021!

Teacher Turns Entrepreneur During Pandemic

Coronavirus turned everything upside down. We went from classrooms to living rooms, conference rooms to Zoom calls, and while many jobs were lost, others were created. Entrepreneurs searched for demand and filled those needs, which is exactly what this UDEM professor did. Learn how his business went from a simple concept to a successful ecommerce store in four months.

Micro-Fulfillment Centers Make a BIG Difference

Keeping with pandemic protocols doesn’t mean shoppers have to stay home indefinitely. Grocery stores understand this and are making it easier, and safer, to shop for necessities. Along with grocery delivery, curbside pickup has rapidly increased in popularity. In order to meet the level of consumer demand, many businesses have converted space in their physical store into micro-fulfillment centers (MFC). This is yet another example of business owners adapting to the times.

Shopify Dominates In 2020

Started in 2004 by merchants unhappy with their previous selling platform, Shopify has since become the largest ecommerce-only platform in the world! They represent 3.2% of global websites and have gained an annual revenue exceeding $2 billion. Likewise, Shopify merchants made $5.1 billion in sales over BFCM alone. The sky’s the limit for Shopify and its users in 2021.

Alibaba Strengthens Trust Between Merchant and Shopper

We live in an ever-connected world. Expanding your business across state lines is simple, but expanding across international borders, that’s another story. Luckily, Alibaba is making it a little easier for SMBs. Since the pandemic started, brands have had to prove how trustworthy they are, especially to customers across the globe. Alibaba has fast-tracked new programs that assist SMBs in building that trust with international shoppers, including Payment Terms and digital trade show series.

Bitmoji Fashion Shows TBD

It’s no secret that social commerce thrived in 2020. Nearly every platform offers a “shopping” option whether it’s Instagram Shop or TikTok shoppable tags. Another platform that’s received a lot of attention was Snapchat. Along with its release of Spotlight, a TikTok double, Snapchat announced partnerships with clothing companies like Polo and Levi’s, providing special outfits to a user’s Bitmoji. At first glance, this seems like a superficial trend, but it’s what Snapchat’s integrating with the trend that catches our eye. The popular platform is using AR to bring your Bitmoji to life, wearing those brands. Who knows, we could see a Ralph Lauren fashion show with Bitmoji models in the near future.

We made it through 2020! We’ll continue to update you on the latest news and ecommerce happenings in the new year. We’re excited to see what features, tech, and trends our favorite brands launch in the months to come. Get a head start in 2021 and check out some of the most anticipated ecommerce trends.

Editor’s note: This post has been syndicated and was originally published on the ecomdash blog.

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