Creative Email Call-to-Action Ideas That Really Drive Action

creative call to action infographic

You’ve figured out what to say in your email, designed it to catch the eye of your reader, and sent it out.

You check your email marketing reports and… surprise! People are opening it!

But they aren’t clicking. They aren’t taking action.

You aren’t driving them to where you want them to be.

It’s time to think about changing your email’s call-to-action.

There are many factors of a successful call-to-action. But if you already have the essentials down, sometimes all it takes is a simple tweak in wording to get your readers to click.

We’ve created this infographic to help you test out new ways to drive readers to your website, online survey, store, event and more.

Call to Action Infographic

(Having trouble viewing the infographic? View it here!)

Try testing one of these new calls-to-actions in your next email campaign. Then, pay attention to your reports and take note of any changes in your click through rate.

The more personable you can be in your emails, the more likely people are to click. So say goodbye to “click here” and hello to your shiny new click-through rate.

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