Celebrating Small Business Week at Constant Contact

Small Business Week

Every year, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) holds National Small Business Week (NSBW), where they recognize the incredible impact and contributions small businesses, entrepreneurs and others make all year long. This year, NSBW will be celebrated from April 29th to May 5th, 2018.

We would like to congratulate all the businesses that will be recognized as winners for their efforts and accomplishments during NSBW. We are proud to say that a group of these winners are Constant Contact customers! As a dedicated partner of small businesses for over 20 years, Constant Contact is committed to providing products and services to support ALL small businesses and make sure they have the resources they need to succeed.

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Get involved in National Small Business Week

We are happy to announce that Constant Contact is sponsoring this year’s event and partnering with the SBA for their program, which includes a 3-day Virtual Conference full of great learning and networking opportunities. The conference is free, and will take place Tuesday, May 1 to Thursday, May 3, between 12:30 pm ET to 6:30 pm ET each day.

Click here for more information on the NSBW Virtual Conference.

During the Virtual Conference, Constant Contact will be hosting the webinar: Get New and Repeat Business on Autopilot with Email Marketing. During this session, we’ll show you some simple ways to repeatedly reach customers and drive business with email marketing.

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Every week is Small Business Week

In addition to our involvement in NSBW, Constant Contact is dedicated to providing great resources for small businesses all year round! We work hard every week to ensure that your business has the tools that will drive results. In fact, we’ve recently added some exciting, new features to help your business succeed:

  • Subject Line Personalization: Now you can speak to your contacts as individuals by personalizing email subject lines.
  • Click Segmentation: Segment your contacts based on what links, buttons, or images they click in your emails.
  • Shopify Integration: Insert your products directly into your emails by connecting your Shopify store to your Constant Contact account.
  • Pop Up Forms: To grow your list, add a pop-up form on your website. When customers land on your page, the form pops up and asks visitors to join your contact lists.
  • Action Blocks Menu: Navigation just got faster. Get to your blocks easier with our new layout.
  • Social Sharing Buttons: Now customers can share your awesome emails on their social channels.

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Keep the celebration going

If your business does not already celebrate National Small Business Week, this is the year to start!  Your endless dedication and hard work deserves to be recognized. So see what your community is doing, talk to other local businesses, and give yourself a big pat on the back!

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