Best Travel Blog Ideas for 2021

If you’re working to up your content marketing game within the travel industry, you can always use blog ideas, right? Whether you’re starting a new travel blog or just need some fresh ideas for your existing one, this list should serve as your writing muse. 

These travel blog ideas are primed for 2021 and beyond, and are responsive to the challenges of 2020. With the changing travel scene due to COVID-19, providing timely and relevant content is more important than ever. In addition, sharing your content on social media will help spread awareness about options and help put a positive spotlight on travel again. 

Now without further ado, let’s look at some relevant, timely content ideas for your travel blog.

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19 ideas for your travel blog

Sit back and soak up the creative list below, from COVID-19-inspired ideas to ones of a more “relax at your favorite destination” nature. 

1. Effects of COVID-19

Why not write a blog post about how COVID-19 has affected not only the travel industry and your readers’ travel plans, but small businesses like yours as well? Open and honest communication by bloggers is appreciated by readers and will help you build trust. 

2. How to stay safe/healthy while traveling

This makes a great topic whether you’re in a pandemic or not, but it’s especially relevant in the current world situation. Don’t shy away from mentioning the pandemic, but give general tips as well. Also, you could focus some of the write-up on safety when traveling abroad, especially for those who travel alone.

3. Changes to the travel industry due to COVID-19

Travelers want to know what the latest changes are in the industry, from flight rules and regulations to where they can safely travel. Help them prepare with a blog post that you keep updated as new information comes in, and you’ll be their go-to source for trusted guidance.

Travel Blog Ideas
Here’s an example of how different locations are handling COVID-19 travel, which you can share with your readers. Source:

4. Travel bucket list

When you can’t join them, dream? Well, not exactly, but it can make things feel more normal. Post your travel bucket list and see if your readers have any of the same dream destinations. 

5. Mistakes to avoid

This is another idea that’s workable from a personal level, a COVID-19 angle, or just in general. Mistakes happen with travel arrangements, accommodations, and budgeting, to name a few. Helping readers avoid the same issues you or your clients have encountered will save them time, money, and possibly some embarrassment. 

6. A top-10 list of your favorite travel apps

This doesn’t have to be just apps. It can also be other travel blogs, websites you find helpful, etc. The point is to share a list of things you think would be helpful for your readers in searching for and planning their next vacation.

7. Surviving a road trip

With more people opting to drive to their destination rather than fly, this is especially timely. Be sure to include some specific tips related to traveling during the pandemic, but also evergreen tips that can help in any situation. 

8. Essentials everyone needs

If you’ve ever packed for a trip and forgotten something or not known what to pack, you understand the need for this advice. Help your readers make the most of their packing and their trip by giving them a list of essentials. Alternatively, you could do a blog on travel items you don’t need on your packing list. 

9. Traveling with children/pets/special populations

You can never offer enough tips on traveling with kids and pets. Personal anecdotes go far here. In addition, provide tips for how parents of kids with autism might make traveling easier (like doing a test run through the airport if it’s allowed — some have special days). This is commonly searched-for information, so ideas are always welcomed. It’ll also help your blog feel more inclusive.

Travel Blog Ideas
This is a great graphic to go along with a blog post about traveling with special-needs children.

10. Financial concerns

There are a lot of financial considerations when traveling. Great topics include saving up for the trip, how to budget, saving on expenses, the best travel reward cards, and more. The ideas here are limitless and never get old. 

11. The best tips/tricks/lessons

Readers rarely skip past life hacks online. The idea that something can be done better or more easily is instant gold for your blog. Give your readers all the travel tricks and tips you’ve learned over the years. Did you learn any big lessons? Or funny ones? Be sure to share these too. “Don’t stand too close to the edge of the Grand Canyon” is a good lesson, but “always pack extra camera batteries” might be even more useful. 

12. How to be a good guest

Not everyone thinks about things from this perspective, but tips on the etiquette of traveling never hurt anyone. From how much to tip your hotel maid to how to leave an Airbnb, think of everything you can and share it with your readers so they can see life from the other side. You could alternatively do a “how to be a good host to your traveling friends” post.

13. Lists for specific groups or seasons

While the list may be shorter at this point in 2020, there’s always the future. Making a destination list for specific seasons or age groups can be a great conversation piece. “Top 10 trips during the summer” or “top 10 destinations for families” are sure to be a hit.

14. How to take better photos

A tutorial post can help your readers feel more confident in themselves on their traveling adventures. Teach them about photos or find another important travel topic for your how-to. 

15. Weirdest things you’ve done/eaten while traveling

For a quirkier topic, why not write a “weirdest things” post? Your readers will be intrigued and the post will likely generate comments. If you don’t personally have enough to write about, do a roundup of other travelers’ experiences.

16. Ways to be a tourist right where you live

Alternatively titled: How to get your travel fix when you’re stuck at home. It’s hard to get out right now, and even without a pandemic, people can’t always afford big vacations. Show them that they don’t have to leave their hometown to have fun — there’s plenty to see and do right where they live.  

17. Travel quizzes

If you’re feeling creative, consider coming up with some good quiz material. For example, you could write a quiz about “this is the city you should live in” or “this is the next vacation you should go on.” It’s a little different and brings some interaction to your blog.

18. How traveling can help your mental health

Mental health is a hot topic right now, and for good reason. Some people are looking for a reason to get out of the house, and knowing it may help them feel better might be the motivation they need to plan that trip.

19. Favorite foods

This is more of a food post than a travel post, but it could inspire your readers to learn about other places around the world, which could pique their interest in a new or random place they may not have considered before.

20. Bonus: A few more for the road

  • Feature a guest post from another blogger
  • How to make a career out of traveling
  • What you wish you’d known about…
  • Best/worst destinations
  • Best souvenirs you’ve come back with

Need more than travel blog ideas? 

We hope these ideas have inspired you to create great content for your blog. If you need help in other areas of content marketing, Constant Contact is a trusted source. For anyone launching an email campaign to get new clients, bookings, or referrals, we can help you with your travel marketing needs. 

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