6 Tips for Instagram Business

6 Tips for Instagram BusinessLooking to up your branding game for your small business? Check out Instagram for business. Create a visual experience for your customers. Here are 6 tips for managing your Instagram Business account.

1. Be Consistent 

As we all know, social media marketing is a commitment. Stay in front of your audience by posting content consistently. Start small, try 3 posts a week and move on from there.

2. Use the link in your bio to promote specific posts or landing pages

Instagram gives you one link space, so use it to your advantage. When you have a new product, blog post, or landing page to promote, pop your link in your bio and create posts with a call to action to click on the link in your biography. If you have an engaged audience this can be a great way to generate a little more traffic.

3. What engagement? Ask questions

Don’t be scared to ask a few questions, it helps with engagement. They might not respond right away, but don’t get discouraged. Keep at it and find your own unique style to get them to interact with you.

4. Engage with other content

Like and comment on content others are producing. Join in on conversations, follow hashtags, interact and make new friends.

5. Create a signature style/look

Create and lock in a signature look and feel for your account. It’s great for engagement and attracting eyes to your posts in an ever-cluttered feed.

Decide how you want your account to come across visually. This means choosing colors, specific filters and giving photos a consistent look.

6. Plan, plan, plan

Your Instagram Business account as an extension of your brand – just as you would carefully plan any other initiative, plan your Instagram posts and images.

Carefully choose and edit your pictures, vary composition and test different captions.

7. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are used for searching, which provides you with an opportunity to get in front of new eyes. When choosing hashtags for your next post, think about how people might be searching for your content topic. Also consider how saturated a hashtag may be – targeting is the name of the game.

Instagram allows for 30 hashtags – use them strategically for growth.

8. Share behind the scenes content

Use your resources. Use photos of your employees working at your store, helping customers, highlight an employee. Take your customers behind the scenes, let your audience in on content they wouldn’t otherwise receive. This gives people another reason to follow your Instagram account.

9. Analytics – know what working 

If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing. Check your Instagram analytics. Keep track of followers, likes per photo, number of comments and more with a few tools. Instagram announced that soon we’ll have built in analytics (so exciting) but until then, check out Squarelovin and Websta.me

Have any more tips? Let us know!


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