6 Strategies To Grow Manufacturing Sales

Are you looking to boost your manufacturing sales? While building a manufacturing sales strategy requires time, sustained effort, and serious planning, there are several steps you can take today to get started. This article will cover six strategies for growing manufacturing sales, including:

  1. How to generate more manufacturing leads
  2. How to improve your manufacturer website
  3. How to optimize your pricing
  4. How to use segmentation in your sales strategy
  5. How to utilize ads to grow manufacturing sales
  6. How to use SEO to boost growth 

Ready to get new manufacturing deals and repeat business — all in one place?

1. How to generate more manufacturing leads

If you find yourself wondering how to generate manufacturers’ leads more consistently, you’re not alone. Essentially, generating more leads boils down to improving the ways in which your customers can find you. Some of the most effective avenues for gaining leads include: 

  • Google ads. This paid tool is a very effective way to gain visibility and consequent leads online. Google ads put you at the top of your potential clients’ search for your service niche. 
  • Facebook and Instagram ads. By using ads on Facebook and Instagram, you will gain the opportunity to connect with more potential customers. These ads should work in tandem with your social media marketing and other content to build a relationship with your customers. 
  • Search Engine Optimized website. SEO is king when it comes to gaining new leads. By using effective keywords, you can move up the ranks of local Google searches and earn more views among prospective customers. 
  • Building a positive online reputation. Gain positive online reviews and build rapport with clients online to gain new leads. Customers often seek out reviews to determining whether your manufacturing business will be a good fit. 
  • Creating a resourceful blog. Creating a blog not only positions you as an expert within your industry, it provides customers with a valuable educational resource. Use this to connect with customers and gain more leads. 

Once you’ve established the platforms you want to use for connecting with customers, focus on capturing leads through lead magnet tactics, such as offering whitepapers, discounts, or membership in exchange for contact information. 

2. How to improve your manufacturer website

As a manufacturing company, it pays to know what makes a great website in your industry. Think of your website as your home base — all ads, lead generation, and marketing efforts should lead back to your website. From there, it should be easy for customers to make a purchase or select your services, thus driving sales! Your manufacturing website should be:

  • Well organized. First and foremost, your website should be easy to understand and easy to navigate. Use Constant Contact’s Website Builder to construct a polished website in a few hours flat. 
  • Persuasive. Your website must include a clear call to action. Your homepage should link to your purchasing portal, contact info, free quote request page, or the equivalent. Use lead magnets — such as an offer for a checklist, guide, or discount — when they agree to sign up for your email marketing newsletter.
  • Mobile-responsive. Now more than ever, it is essential that your website functions well on mobile devices. Build a mobile-responsive site to make sure you don’t miss out on important customers. 
  • Informative. Content marketing for manufacturers is a powerful way to gain new leads. Create content that fulfills the needs of your prospective clients, and you will gain not only new leads but loyal customers.  
  • Optimized. Use SEO tools to make sure you’re making the most of your industry keywords and earning a prime spot in Google searches from users in your area.
pop-up sign up form offering a free quote with sign up
This website uses a lead magnet to gather contact info and drive sales. “Sign Up To Get a Free Quote” is a clear call to action for any visitors of the site.

3. How to optimize your pricing

If customers aren’t responding well to your current business model, it may be time to revisit your pricing and packaging to fit the modern market. To price competitively, you are aiming for the sweet spot between overpricing and losing profits. 

Pricing optimization involves exploring your pricing options and finding a level that allows you to move the most product at the greatest profit. A great way to achieve this is through research and data. Use historical data of your marketing numbers, sales, and costs to understand what is working in your pricing strategy and what areas might need a refresh. 

If you can attain data for your competitors, even better! Competitor data helps paint a clearer picture of the manufacturing industry and how you fit within it. By using research from your own business and your competitors, you can make informed decisions when it comes to revamping your manufacturing prices.

4. How to use segmentation in your sales strategy

If you haven’t already been introduced to the value of email marketing segmentation for manufacturers, today is a great day to learn! Email segmentation tools give you the power to divide your larger mailing lists into categories based on specific locations, interests, or even feedback.  

Essentially, you can use segmentation to tailor your marketing to each list of subscribers and their unique interests, rather than sending out a generic message — which may be uninteresting to all of your subscribers. More personalized content is less likely to get deleted or lost in your customer’s inbox. 

You can segment your email lists in a variety of different ways. Some common forms of email segmentation include:

  • Demographic.  Sort your mailing list by education, income, age, family size, race, gender, and occupation. 
  • Geographic. Divide your list by geographic location. 
  • Firmographic.  Much like a demographic division for companies, this form of segmentation uses elements like the number of employees, company size, revenue, and industry location.  
  • Behavioral. This form of segmentation depends on decision-making patterns.
  • Psychographic. Psychographic segmentation explores the psychological motivation behind consumer behavior 

Ultimately, effective segmentation relies on your ability to understand your audience. Fortunately, you can utilize research to get to know them on a deeper level with strategies such as:

The valuable insights you gain from this data can help you send emails that are specifically curated to meet the wants and needs of your leads. 

5. How to utilize ads to grow manufacturing sales

Paid ads are a surefire way to boost sales for your manufacturing business. The best ways to advertise your manufacturing company online include:

Though it will cost you a fee, this straightforward marketing strategy is an excellent way to drive sales through increased visibility. Take the time to create a healthy budget for paid advertisements.

Facebook Ad with professional imagery that draws in potential clients
This Facebook Ad provides a mobile-responsive appeal to prospective local clients with bright imagery and personable language.

6. How to use SEO to boost growth

SEO for manufacturing companies may seem challenging, but the most important step is getting started. Essentially, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be boiled down to using the right keywords in the right places. 

When you utilize the right target keywords, you appear higher on Google searches for manufacturing services in your area. As such, SEO is an important part of capturing leads for your business — without great SEO, you risk going unseen by important customers. 

One of the best ways manufacturers can use SEO is through content marketing, such as:

  • Informative blog posts
  • Industry case studies
  • Infographics
  • Social media posts
  • Informational YouTube videos

By creating consistent resources that are well-written and highly researched, you will appear higher on searches and attract more leads. 

Next Steps 

Now that you’ve read up on strategies for elevating your manufacturing sales, are you ready to apply them to your own business? If you’re interested in learning about how the elements of marketing come together to drive your manufacturing sales growth, check out The Download, a free marketing guide for manufacturing professionals. 

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