4 Ways Your Marketing Agency Can Stand Out On Social

The statistics for how many users are on social media daily are staggering.

For example, there are 1.4 billion daily users on Facebook alone.

People are no longer using social media just to check out their old high school flame, or ‘like’ their neighbor’s post about their dog, they’re using social media to connect, research, and more importantly — do business.

This year, position yourself so that you are not only visible on social media to existing and potential clients, but display an active representation of your brand. Sure, people love to do business with a reputable business, however, what they love more is entrusting their marketing needs to actual humans they know, like, and trust

Making the most of your social media marketing plan is an absolute necessity in today’s marketing world — here’s how you can make your marketing agency stand out in the coming year.

1. Post more consistently

We’ve all heard the saying, consistency is key, and for social media, it truly can make a difference in how potential clients perceive your business. When you post on a regular schedule, it sends a message to viewers you are consistent, dependable, and gives your client an example of the same type of work you would potentially do for them.

Base your frequency on what you feel is attainable. For some, this may be posting daily, whereas for others this might mean posting three times a week. Whatever you choose, the important part is to stay on track with your plan and execute consistently.

2. Keep your branding consistent

Social media marketing can provide a written and visual array for a marketer of not only the types of posts you could potentially create for clients but what your brand stands for. It’s essential to keep your branding consistent throughout your social media pages. Don’t just throw any post up — if you wouldn’t use a certain image or verbiage for your client — then you shouldn’t use it for yourself.

Additionally, make sure to layer your logo on most graphics for sharing purposes. Keep your keywords and business mission statement clear. Within six seconds of glancing at your page, you want the viewer to get a sense, as well as feeling, of who and what your brand stands for.

3. Humanize your posts

To some extent, posts shared by a business on social media channels have become white noise. Several businesses post multiple times a day, not providing a value-add to the viewer. These posts aren’t focused on true engagement, but rather just trying to sell. But by humanizing your posts, you can creatively and genuinely show, via pictures and cleverly written lead-ins, you are also an actual human trying to make a difference in the world of your clients.

This approach turns the volume up on engagement. Post pictures of either you or your clients at a meeting (and be sure to tag them). Humbly share the most recent glowing review you received. Give clients and potential clients an inside look at what makes both you and your business stand out from your competitors by putting a human touch on anything you post.

4. Experiment with boosting

The name of the game with social media for your business page is to entice prospects to read your posts, like your posts, and hopefully share your posts. Boosting can help with this. However, this does not have a one-size-fits-all formula. Experiment to see what kinds of posts garner the most engagement.

Boosting can provide exposure for as little as $5. You’ll be able to choose the audience of these posts too. Either those who already like your page and their friends or you can target based on location, age, gender, and interests. Boosting allows you to see in real time how to best create and share original posts that drive actual results.

Turn your social media up a notch

With these suggested ways to turn your social media up a notch, we’re hoping it gives you a concrete plan of action to secure future clients, as well as income, down the road.

Don’t forget — as a marketer, if you’re doing these things well for yourself, it serves as a living example of the quality (and effectiveness) of the work you can provide to your prospective clients.

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