3 Ways to Turn #GivingTuesday Donors Into Year-Round Supporters


#GivingTuesday is twice as nice if the donors who give to your nonprofit on November 29th keep giving to you throughout the year.

As you prepare for #GivingTuesday, consider adding these tasks to your to-do list. Once the buzz of the big day is over, you’ll be glad you did!

Here are three easy ways to engage (and retain) your #GivingTuesday donors:

1. Don’t just lean on your social team!

Invite donors to join in on the fun by posting their #GivingTuesday pics on your Facebook feed and tagging you on Instagram and Twitter.

Not only will you have a continuous stream of content lighting up your social channels, you’ll also rack up lots of page likes and followers.

Once donors like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter and Instagram, they can stay up-to-date on future fundraising campaigns, progress updates, and volunteer opportunities.

Tip: Post shareable content. Think heartwarming, image-heavy stories that speak to your mission. For example, if you’re an animal rescue, share adorable photos of newly adopted pets loving their forever homes. By posting feel-good content, your new followers are more likely to share it with their networks, which could result in more followers for you!

2. Make monthly giving a mainstay on your #GivingTuesday follow-up emails.

From your automated Thank You email to your mid-day progress update to your #GivingTuesday totals announcement — all communications sent to #GivingTuesday donors should shine a spotlight on the easiest way to support your cause all year long: joining your monthly giving program.

Your monthly giving program enables donors to support your cause year-round without lifting a finger. Once they sign up to give $5, $10, or more each month, monthly donors can support your cause without any hassle at all.

Tip: Don’t have a monthly giving program yet? Don’t worry. This free Monthly Giving Starter Kit can help you get organized and kick off a new fundraising channel that’s proven to boost your retention rate. If you have a monthly giving program and are looking to get the word out, this free Monthly Giving Marketing Kit is for you!

3. Create fresh content ahead of time to make a great first impression.

Because your online donation form requires a donor’s email address, your email contact list will likely get a whole lot bigger on #GivingTuesday.

Additionally, if you plan to follow Tip #1, your social feeds will be buzzing with brand new followers.

That’s why now is a great time to punch up your emails and social posts in a way that will engage the influx of brand new contacts who’ve given once and may give again in the future.

Looking for #GivingTuesday email templates? Try Constant Contact’s email templates for free.


Here are some quick tips to help you make a great first impression:

  • Email

If you’ve got Constant Contact, you can use their handy email tracking tools to see which past emails have had the most success. If a certain campaign or newsletter did well last year, make a small tweak to the theme and swap out existing photos with new ones.

  • Social Posts

Appoint a volunteer to round up your most-liked and shared posts on all of your social channels. In the same way you’d refresh your top-performing emails, follow the lead of favorite social posts by using the same subject — but be sure to update text and images.

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Now that you know the ways to make #GivingTuesday donations the first of many gifts throughout the year, you’re ready to get started.

But don’t go at it alone!

DonorPerfect online fundraising software created a free e-book that’s packed with tips, timelines, and templates to ensure your #GivingTuesday efforts are a sparkling success.

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