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Why Customers Are Unsubscribing From Your Emails (And How To Stop Them)

Breaking up is hard. Especially when you’ve put in so much work to keep someone interested and invested in ...

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How A/B testing Can Take Nonprofit Email Marketing To The Next Level

Imagine this: It’s a Sunday morning and after a long hectic week, and you think today is perfect for ...

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Understand your Nonprofit’s Supporters with Email Reports

In order to effectively communicate with your nonprofit audience, you have to understand them. Each person has different needs, wants, ...

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Understanding the Power of Email Marketing Relationships

When we think of Fall, many of us think cooler weather, earlier sunsets, and apple picking. But for the majority ...

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Using Cash Flow Projections to Look at the Future

Can businesses that still pull in revenue go bankrupt? The answer is yes. So how can small business owners prevent ...

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