15 Best Blog Examples to Inspire You

Blogs have come a long way since the early days of the internet. While starting a blog can be a little daunting, these digital content collections can provide insight into a variety of topics — and position bloggers and brands as subject matter experts. 

The versatility of blogs makes them an excellent marketing tool, as does their often personable nature. These pages can be called upon to demonstrate expertise, show empathy, or provide entertainment. And while blogs can be anything from dialed-down musings to slick and sophisticated corporate pages, they should always convey the essence of the organizations they reflect. 

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It can be difficult to determine which qualities to shoot for when starting a blog. So many different approaches have proven successful. While every blog should have a unique and original voice, it helps to examine examples of approaches that work well for various types of businesses. 

Below, you will find 15 excellent blog examples that can teach you how to get readers excited while promoting brand awareness and driving conversions.

  1. Coach Care Connect by Anytime Fitness
  2. Good Taste by Lunds & Byerlys
  3. Cass Art
  4. Have a Cow by Stonyfield Organic
  5. Life Is Suite by Kimpton Hotels
  6. The Crafty Cask
  7. Otherwise Incorporated
  8. Anthropologie’s Stories
  9. Prosper and Thrive by Santander Bank
  10. The Bark Post by BarkBox
  11. Live by Hydro Flask
  12. Veracode
  13. SPARK Powered by ADP
  14. Ratio Journal
  15. Haute Stock

1. Coach Care Connect by Anytime Fitness

blog examples - Coach Care Connect by Anytime Fitness
Anytime Fitness blog Coach Care Connect helps readers stay invested in the brand when they’re away from the gym.

Health club franchise Anytime Fitness maintains a wellness blog known as Coach Care Connect. The online resource reflects the company’s commitment to making a healthy lifestyle as accessible and achievable as possible. To this end, the blog contains a variety of easy-to-read articles detailing everything from simple workouts to nutrition advice.

Ease of navigation sets apart the Coach Care Connect blog. Each of the concepts referenced in the blog’s name has a separate section with relevant updates and articles. The Coach category, for example, features advice on logging workouts. The Care and Connection areas delve into other aspects of health and wellness. 

2. Good Taste by Lunds & Byerlys

blog examples - Good Taste by LUnds & Byerlys
The Lunds & Byerlys Good Taste blog attracts attention with vibrant images and easy-to-follow recipes.

Minnesota’s regional grocery chain Lunds & Byerlys entices customers to shop fresh produce and other ingredients with a blog series full of fun recipes. Titled Good Taste, the Lunds & Byerlys offering is one of the best blog examples in terms of being a “celebration of food.” 

You can navigate the Good Taste blog by clicking on pictures of delicious-looking meals that feature ingredients easily found at the chain’s stores. There’s no need for text-heavy article descriptions as the images themselves are enough to get readers licking their lips.

Upon clicking on an image, readers arrive at a post that dispenses with a major source of frustration in other foodie blogs: long blocks of text that must be scrolled through for ages before getting to a list of ingredients. On the Lunds & Byerlys site, readers can find relevant ingredients quickly — and get on with locating those products at the store. 

3. Cass Art

blog examples - Cass Art blog
The Cass Art blog includes an eclectic array of artistic features that appeal to a specific audience of art enthusiasts.

Given the high expectations held for art-related websites, it should come as no surprise that UK art equipment supplier Cass Art delivers a visual feast with its blog. 

The Cass Art blog uses vibrant colors and intriguing features that reflect the company’s desired status as a gathering place for the UK’s artistic insiders. It also reflects the company’s mission: “encouraging everyone to [realize] their creative talents by providing the world’s top-quality materials.” 

Recognizing that creativity requires inspiration as much as it does equipment, Cass Art fills its blog with artist interviews and fun ideas for using the company’s products. The blog is integrated with the Cass Art ecommerce site, too. Readers can easily switch gears and start shopping whenever they’re ready.

4. Have a Cow by Stonyfield Organic

blog examples - Have a Cow by Stonyfield
Stonyfield’s Have a Cow blog is warm, quirky, and memorable.

Taking the family-oriented branding that dominates Stonyfield marketing to the next level, the yogurt brand’s Have a Cow initiative introduces visitors to beloved cows from three of the company’s top farms. The message is clear: With Stonyfield, cows aren’t just a means to an end. They’re family. 

Individual pages for each cow detail fun facts. For example, Liberty, of Quarry Hill Farm, was born on the Fourth of July — just like her mom, Freedom.

The content would be humorous and fun to read regardless of the design, but playful features such as cow glamour shots up the ante. Additional content includes Q&As with farmers. These hilarious features pose common questions from the perspective of the cows. 

5. Life Is Suite by Kimpton Hotels

blog examples - Live is Suite by Kimpton Hotels
The Life is Suite blog evokes Kimpton’s commitment to delivering eclectic yet sophisticated travel experiences.

As a boutique hotel chain, Kimpton strives to deliver a sophisticated yet eclectic experience. The goal is to provide an upscale yet authentic atmosphere reflecting the best of the community in which each hotel is situated. This mission is apparent in the Kimpton Hotels blog, Life Is Suite.

Echoing the brand’s eclectic vibes, each blog article is meant to be savored — much like the travel experiences the content details. Posts are divided into categories about entertaining, food and drink, travel tips, and celebrations.

While there’s a clear search function near the top of the page, the Life Is Suite blog invites visitors to scroll — as they would on Instagram or Pinterest. Instead of liking or pinning images, however, readers can click on them to learn more about the highlighted places and experiences. 

The Life Is Suite blog provides valuable information that helps travelers embrace new experiences. The messaging is consistent with the Kimpton brand in general. Readers come away from browsing the Life Is Suite blog feeling excited about the possibilities for new adventures. They’re also reassured that, when they book their next trip, they’ll find the best and most unique experience within a Kimpton Hotel.

6. The Crafty Cask

blog examples - The Crafty Cask
The Crafty Cask’s site reveals the value of purpose and passion in content marketing.

Modern blogs provide the perfect opportunity to convey passion and a sense of purpose. An attitude like this drives the intriguing content on display at The Crafty Cask

The website aims to highlight the best of the artisan alcohol community. Dedicated to the drink local movement, the blog’s founders aim to build connections between craft alcohol enthusiasts and small producers in the hopes of avoiding selling out to “big alcohol.” A readable blog like The Crafty Cask can get followers excited to join a rapidly growing community. 

The blog’s purpose is outlined in its About section and is evident in the content. Each blog post is crafted in a quirky voice that makes the content unique. A navigable layout keeps readers focused, while a thriving comment section encourages them to get involved by respectfully sharing their opinions.

7. Otherwise Incorporated

blog examples - Otherside by Otherwise Inc.
Otherwise Incorporated uses bold imagery and compelling topics to boost its blog.

Chicago branding and graphic design business Otherwise Incorporated connects with clients via their Otherside blog. Its content compels readers to think deeply about the issues facing professionals and clients in the design world. The blog invites readers to join its writers in exploring topics like empathic design and the sharing economy.

In addition to thought-provoking editorials, Otherside includes a variety of news stories detailing Otherwise Incorporated’s top collaborations — as well as updates about awards and other noteworthy events. 

Bold images give readers a taste of Otherwise Incorporated’s signature style. The content has a conversational yet slightly academic feel that reflects the best of the brand. A brief browsing session makes it clear that the professionals at Otherwise Incorporated understand their niche inside and out.

8. Anthropologie’s Stories

blog examples - Anthropologie
Customers love the designer interviews featured in Anthropologie’s blog.

Trendy fashion brand Anthropologie doesn’t refer to its collection of articles as a blog but rather a collection of “Stories.” It’s likely meant to make followers feel as if they’re part of a close-knit community. 

The site’s stories are divided into a few basic categories — including home, beauty, and holiday. The categories can be discovered by scrolling through the visually appealing webpage or by clicking on the relevant link near the top. 

Many Anthropologie Stories are built around interviews with inspiring designers and entrepreneurs. These “Meet the Community” pieces draw visitors in with compelling background information that readers find relatable. 

Anthropologie excels by clueing visitors in on its signature style. The blog’s vibrant colors capture the best of the brand’s bold yet whimsical look. The blog design also provides a cohesive element that ties into Anthropologie’s other digital marketing efforts. 

9. Prosper and Thrive by Santander Bank

blog examples - Prosper and Thrive by Santander Bank
Bold minimalism makes its mark on Santander’s Prosper and Thrive blog.

To position itself as a consumer-centric organization, Santander Bank maintains a helpful blog known as Prosper and Thrive. The resource provides insight into basic but important financial decisions — such as paying off student loans, making down payments on vehicles, and opening joint bank accounts.

Prosper and Thrive makes it clear that consumers should be treated with respect. While mentions of Santander’s services are subtly woven into the site, the page is primarily dedicated to educating readers. 

The blog also highlights the value of bold minimalism. A basic white background gets readers to pay attention to the logos, the titles, and the posts — which are featured in red and grey. The contrast is easy on the eyes and makes for easy navigation. Category headings in red immediately provide a sense of the blog’s purpose, before visitors even browse the content.

10. The Bark Post by BarkBox

blog examples - Bark Post by Bark Box
The adorable Bark Post blog is not one that will quickly be forgotten by its audience.

When a brand does its marketing well, it creates more than just one of the best blog examples out there. BarkBox regularly earns praise for its digital marketing initiatives. Its social media pages and marketing emails feature goofy pet pictures, hilarious puns, and other humorous quips that make it almost impossible to unfollow or unsubscribe. 

The same fun-loving vibes ring true in the subscription pet company’s Bark Post blog, which delivers what most visitors want to see: cute pictures of dogs. 

While dog pictures hold the spotlight at Bark Post, the blog also has information-heavy articles that maintain the company’s lighthearted messaging. These pieces occasionally weave in details about the company’s subscription offerings, but readers always come away feeling like they’ve gained something of value — be it tips on pet care or a hearty chuckle.

Many blogs emphasize building authority over driving immediate conversions. With Bark Post, the best content is also the most sales-oriented: its theme reveals. 

BarkBox fans adore the subscription’s goofy themes, which include everything from “Fairground Hounds” to “Frenchies in Paris.” The reveals play a central role in BarkBox’s email marketing strategy. By also including them in the Bark Post blog, the brand encourages readers to opt into their email list — the first step to getting them to convert and sign up for pet box subscriptions.

11. Live by Hydro Flask 

blog examples - Live by Hydro Flask
Hydro Flask’s blog targets a very specific but highly engaged audience to great effect.

Popular among young consumers, Hydro Flask succeeds by targeting a very specific audience and playing to that group’s passions.

The brand’s core consumers tend to be outdoorsy and concerned about their impact on the environment. Their efforts to act as stewards are referenced in the Live blog, which highlights the stories of several Hydro Flask ambassadors and enthusiasts.

Evocative photos and videos beckon readers to take on new adventures in the great outdoors. The blog’s written content is also compelling enough to make readers feel inspired. They emerge with numerous ideas for exploring — alongside their trusty Hydro Flask water bottle, of course. 

The individuals highlighted in Hydro Flask’s feature stories also have “top picks” that they credit with keeping them hydrated. These content details include CTA buttons that make it easy for readers to follow through with purchasing.

12. Veracode

blog examples - Veracode
Strong CTAs and visual content set Veracode’s blog apart.

Updated on a near-daily basis, Veracode’s blog verifies the company’s commitment to limiting cyber threats across a vast digital landscape. The page’s unique layout provides a clear CTA to convince readers to sign up for Veracode’s content newsletter. This is an effective strategy for promoting the blog while keeping interested readers in the loop. 

When they’re not moving forward with CTAs, visitors to Veracode’s blog are free to browse at their own pace. While doing so, they’re bound to encounter data-rich content that should appeal to security professionals on the hunt for thought-provoking articles. 

Veracode’s blogs often contain graphs and other visuals that break up the text and keep readers engaged. Even after they finish reading articles, visitors are encouraged to stay in the loop by downloading relevant reports or clicking on links leading to related content. 

13. SPARK Powered by ADP

blog examples - SPARK by ADP
Payroll provider ADP brings a human element to HR with its SPARK blog.

As a payroll and workforce management provider, ADP strives to place a human element at the forefront of what they do. The company accomplishes this key objective with SPARK, which intends to “ignite the power of your people.”

The blog’s name and purpose are highlighted at the top of the main page, as are tags meant to lead readers to chief topics of interest. Key categories include workforce analytics, leadership, and legislative concerns.

SPARK’s voice straddles the divide between authoritative and personable. The content never feels dry but it’s full of statistics and research-driven insights. The blog’s demonstrated expertise can assist readers — likely small business leaders and HR professionals — with complex and industry-relevant decision-making.

14. Ratio Journal

blog examples - The Ratio Journal by Ratio
The Ratio Journal turns coffee into serious business with blog posts that get specific about the art and science of quality java.

As a supplier of high-end automatic coffee machines, Ratio strives to build on a close-knit community of coffee enthusiasts with its Ratio Journal blog.

The website’s About page references the brand’s determination to “marry beauty, simplicity, and quality into a single experience.” While this description is dedicated to Ratio’s revolutionary coffee makers, the same can be said of its blog.

Close-up shots of the coffeemaking process get Ratio’s java enthusiasts excited about its products. Photography is a point of pride — but the blog wouldn’t be as intriguing without its features. The latter includes interviews with chefs and insights into the science of coffee. Every article is written with a core audience in mind: coffee enthusiasts who are short on time. 

Updates on product developments are sprinkled throughout the blog to remind readers of online shopping opportunities, which are only a click away. Simple CTAs encourage customers to invest in new products — or, at the very least, share the news on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

15. Haute Stock

blog examples - Haute Stock
Stock images take on a more personal feel when highlighted in the Haute Stock blog.

Many blogs subsist on stock images. Often, people fail to consider the stories behind these photographs. Haute Stock forces readers to do exactly that while browsing the blog’s curated collections.

Self-described as “design & branding BFFs,” the stock photography subscription service provides a much-needed human element to its industry. 

Several posts on the Haute Stock blog reference specific collections and the considerable effort that go into developing them. These blogs give due credit to the photographers and stylists involved in the shoots. Other pieces provide tips on making the most of creative stock photos. 

Get on the path to a crafting successful blog

As you can see, a variety of blog designs and approaches can be effective at building strong connections with readers. When in doubt, however, the most effective messaging will be the one that best reflects what makes your brand unique. 

Ready to start your blog? You can begin by creating a website with the help of Constant Contact’s online tools. Check out resources on Constant Contact’s blog, too. You’ll emerge with a new appreciation for all that goes into blogging — and all that a simple blog can accomplish.

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